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People Are Seriously Divided Over This Full English 'Loaf'

People Are Seriously Divided Over This Full English 'Loaf'

Even Gordon Ramsay had something to say about it.

We can be pretty forgiving of some recipes on TikTok, but this may be taking it too far and plenty of people agree.

Even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay thinks this is a horror show.

Steve Devereux, 42, a technical manager from Newcastle, has over 500,000 followers on his TikTok account, @foodmadesimple, and has caused controversy over a full English breakfast loaf he's made.

The cross section of the loaf was something to behold (
Jam Press)

The recipe involves firstly placing five thick pieces of bacon in a loaf tin, followed by three bread slices and topping that with 12 sausages before covering it all with eggs, black pudding, cooked mushrooms and three further slices of bread to compact it into a bread loaf.

After cooking it, Steve finishes it off with another classic British element using pigs in blankets as a garnish. Cutting a slice of the loaf then reveals the most unique cross section.

People have regularly been horrified at Steve's recipes (
Jam Press)

But understandably, people are quite divided over the dish.

One person noted the undeniably identity of the loaf: "This just looks British".

Another viewer commented: "Nooo! You can’t mess with a fry up!"

While someone else added their opinion on the actual flavours: "That black puddings [sic] gonna be so overpowering".

Another TikTok user simply asked Steve the question: "Why?" to which Steve replied: "Why not?"

Gordon Ramsay used his singing chops to critique the dish (
Jam Press)

But one person had a particularly strong opinion to share, never being one to shy away from judging someone else's cooking.

The celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsey stitched the video and sang: "Please stop the cooking because everybody’s looking and that looks like a pile of-"

Gordon always has a way with words.

He also captioned the video: "Maybe if this chef thing doesn’t work out I’ll be a singer...".

Some thought the black pudding was definitely a step too far (
Jam Press)

Steve hasn't let the criticism get to him though, still a firm believer that it's a delicious dish.

"[It tasted] just like French Toast stuffed with a Full English breakfast", Steve told Jam Press.

"The idea just came into my head.

"Like usual on my videos, some people love it and some people hate it.

"Gordon Ramsay didn’t like it, but what does he know."

Steve has also gone viral with some other questionable recipes, including the ‘ultimate fish finger sarnie’ constructed from crushed scampi crisps and homemade breaded cod fillets, sandwiched between two slices of bread.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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