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Woman Shares Hack To Keep Avocados Fresh For An Entire Month

Woman Shares Hack To Keep Avocados Fresh For An Entire Month

Avo look at this!

A mum-of-two based in Washington, US has shared a genius hack for keeping avocados fresh all month - where has this been all our lives?!

Amy Lynn Cross, 45, eats "at least two avocados a week", and got sick of buying the staple salad addition while they were still pale green and rock hard.

After a great deal of trial-and-error, the 45-year-old finally found the perfect trick for keeping those avocados fresh and ripe for more than five minutes.

This hack is super simple. [

The two-part hack is super simple and cheerfully cheap. All you need are four items - a jar, a knife, a lemon, and an avocado (obvs).

Firstly, you need to cut your avocado in half. Feel free to use the first half in whichever way you'd like, but be sure to store the half you're not using in the mason jar. Don't de-skin and leave the seed in - according to Amy, this just adds to the freshness.

An optional step is to wash your fruit before storing it. The mum-of-two recommends soaking in a mixture of water and a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar.

A mason jar is the most important tool for this trick. [
Jam Press]

Next, screw the lid firmly on top and pop it in the fridge next to your lemon. "Lemons and avocados are fridge buddies [...] and help keep each other fresher", according to Amy.

Now all you need to do is watch the magic unfold!

The Washington blogger's hack is allegedly supposed to keep your avocados ripe for up to 30 days.

This trick is supposed to keep your avocados fresh all month long. [
Jam Press]

For avocado-buying beginners, Amy also has tips on how to pick a perfectly ripe piece of fruit.

Apparently, we're supposed to keep an eye out for the colour. When the avo is medium green (as opposed to brown or bright green), that means it's ready to eat.

Another trick is to "pinch your thumb and pointer finger together and that [...] soft little give is what it should feel like".

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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