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McDonald's McPlant: Fast Food Chain Confirms First Meat-Free Burger Is Coming

McDonald's McPlant: Fast Food Chain Confirms First Meat-Free Burger Is Coming

The McPlant tastes like 'real beef.'

Veggies, rejoice! McDonald's has announced they are foraging into the meat-free market with a brand new burger.

Titled the McPlant, the patty will be made with vegan-friendly materials, but will taste like and have a similar texture to a normal beef burger.

The brand new burger comes as part of McDonald's collaboration with American firm Beyond Meat, and will see its 'beef' comprised of yellow peas, coconut, potato and beetroot juice.

The new Maccies burger is plant-based (
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McDonald's spokesperson Francesca DeBiase explained: "We’re excited to work with Beyond Meat to drive innovation and this is an important step on our journey to bring high-quality, plant-based menu items to our customers.

Ethan Brown, of Beyond Meat, described the new product launch as "exciting".

McDonalds is adding an exciting new menu option (
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He added: "We will combine the power of Beyond Meat’s relentless approach to innovation with the strength of McDonald’s global brand to introduce new plant-based menu items."

McDonald's is the latest fast-food chain to offer meat-free alternatives for its customers, with Greggs having previously expanded their range of vegan products.

After the bakery introduced a vegan version of their iconic sausage rolls (with many people choosing to chow down on the meat-free alternative) and their steak-free steak bakes, Greggs has now announced the arrival of a Vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe melt.

Greggs has expanded its own meat-free range (

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Pizza Express teamed up with Quorn to create their very first vegan pizza.

Say hello to the Sloppy Vegan - aka Sloppy Giuseppe's vegan cousin. The pizza features tasty Quorn pieces, packed with green peppers, red onion, tomato, smoky chilli, garlic oil, a vegan mozzarella alternative and parsley.

An increasing number of us are turning vegan in more recent years.

The Vegan Society has found one in four of us have actively cut back have actively cut back on some form of animal products during lockdown.

Featured Image Credit: McDonalds

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