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You've Been Eating KitKats Wrong Your Entire Life

You've Been Eating KitKats Wrong Your Entire Life

Excuse me?

Name a chocolate more iconic than a KitKat. You can’t, can you?

Cool, crispy wafer, lovingly coated with a thick layer of milk chocolate – it’s the perfect accompaniment to your mid-morning cuppa.

But it appears that we may have been chowing down on the chocolatey treat in the completely wrong manner.

How do you eat your KitKat? (

Hot debate over how to eat your KitKat has stemmed from TikTok after Australian-based duo, the Rybka Twins, shared the rather disturbing way they tuck in.

While Teagan Rybka delicately broke the four sticks apart, and nibbled at her KitKat one finger at a time, her twin sister Sam ate her KitKat like a monster.

By that, we mean she took a big bite out of the entire block all at once.

Would you eat a KitKat like this? (
TikTok - rybkatwins)

We feel ill that a KitKat could be devoured in such a ridiculous manner.

However, a spokesperson has spoken out to say that Sam isn’t wrong in how she eats her KitKat.


Nope, apparently there is only one right way to have a KitKat, according to Nestle’s head of marketing, Joyce Tan.

Speaking to the Mail Online, she explained: “We know Aussies are extremely passionate about how they eat their KitKat, and fans across the country are stepping up to defend their technique.

KitKat's should be enjoyed while you relax (

“Whether you snap, nibble or chomp, what really matters is that you take a break from your day to enjoy your KitKat your way.”

Yep, so no matter how you snack, be it daintily or fiercely, the ‘right’ way to eat a KitKat is to enjoy it while you’re having a break.

Hmmm…we’re still going to be eating out KitKat finger by finger, we think.

In more recent KitKat news, the brand have recently released a Zebra edition bar.

the new choc features KitKat's trademark crispy wafer on a dark chocolate base, topped with marbled dark and white chocolate.

And we're sure it'll taste as exciting as it looks, with the new bar having a distinct black and white pattern on it to match its Zebra moniker.

Now we know the right wait to be eating it, we can't wait to get stuck in...

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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