Woman Reveals You've Been Cooking Pasta All Wrong

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Woman Reveals You've Been Cooking Pasta All Wrong

Learning how to cook pasta perfectly is the first port of call for many amateur chefs.

We all like to knock up a bowl of Penne or Fusilli from time to time, and now a woman on TikTok has revealed a savvy way to make the pasta cooking experience even easier.

TikTok user Dani Kahlil - who goes by @daniiirara on the video sharing app - shared a short but very informative video that has everyone questioning their own pasta methods.

Watch the video below:



Dani suggests using a colander. Yep, the very same everyday kitchen item typically used for draining foods like pasta after they've been boiled.

But the method of using the colander differs from normal...

She had the idea to cook the pasta with a metal colander over the top of the pot to save her the effort of having to pour the heavy and hot pot over it later.


Dani said: "I was today years old when I realised I should cook pasta in the colander to save my back. Am I the only one?"

We love absolutely love this, and so do dozens of TikTok users who commented under Dani's video.

“Ohhh my God why did I not put two and two together,” said one shocked TikToker.

Dani replied: “Same… have had this pot and colander for a longggg time. My Nonna is for sure turning in her grave in disappointment at me.


While a third commenter shared: “I’ve had that in my cupboard for years and I always use a different pot to take the strainer out… what whyyy.”

And fellow TikToker joked: “Oh surely this goes viral bc I’ve never thought to do this.”

However some people in the comments claimed they knew about this hack all along. 

“Omg what I thought everyone did this,” another TikTok account wrote.


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