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Woman In Hysterics Over 'Halloumi Fries' Order

Woman In Hysterics Over 'Halloumi Fries' Order

Technically, the name doesn't lie...

Sometimes there's nothing better than a salty, spongey, deep-fried halloumi chip. You know, the type that almost squeaks when you bite into it.

The side-dish has grown astronomically in popularity over the last few years. In fact, there is barely anyone who hasn't tried the alternative chip now.

But it seems that one chef at a festival may be in that tiny percentage.

Yep, one woman shared a picture of the 'halloumi fries' she recently ordered on Twitter, and you're not going to believe what she was given...

Take a look for yourselves:


Instead of the usual fries made out of halloumi, the woman, named Courtney, was handed potato chips with chunks of raw halloumi on top.

We guess they're technically still staying true to the name - but as you can imagine, Courtney wasn't happy.

Posting the food on her feed in disbelief, she wrote: "‘Halloumi fries’ still creasing at this".

And in response, people were equally shook in the comments.

"This is criminal," wrote one person in response to the image.

While another tagged their friend and wrote: "Imagine how mad we'd be".

"The British cant do anything that relates to cheese, they always get it wrong," penned a third.

As a fourth concurred: "Can’t believe the cheek", and another simply questioned: "Wtaf".

This is what halloumi chips are meant to look like (

The worst part is how much the sub-par chips actually cost.

"Bet they were £7 as well," wrote one person in response.

To which the original poster replied that they weren't actually far off with their estimation.

"Yeah £6," she wrote back.

SIX WHOLE POUNDS. Sorry, talk about a rip off!

And if you think that's bad, wait until you see the cheesy chips somebody else purchased recently:

These cheesy chips are just as bad... (

They're essentially just chips with two slabs of American burger cheese on top, and the cheese is not even melted, let alone a hint of mature cheddar...

"Reminds me of the time my friend ordered an Espresso Martini and received an espresso and a martini," someone wrote after seeing snaps of both disastrous takeaway boxes.

Sorry, did these people buy their food at Fyre Festival?!

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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