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Costa Coffee Fans Shocked After Noticing NFSW Detail On Cup

Costa Coffee Fans Shocked After Noticing NFSW Detail On Cup

A whole new meaning to festive fun.

A Costa customer was left red-faced after spotting an apparently saucy detail on one of the chain's iconic coffee cups.

Claire Fletcher from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, clocked what appears to be a rather NSFW festive scene on a Costa TV advert.

The 38-year-old told how she paused the television while her partner went to grab a drink, which is when she noticed the hilarious detail.

Do you see what Claire and Trevor did too? (
Kennedy News and Media)

The cup is emblazoned with a gingerbread man, but the positioning of its arm alongside the 's' in Costa made it looked like the gingerbread man was having something of a 'happy ending', Claire noted.

Claire couldn't help but take a picture of the screen and share it on social media to see if her and her partner weren't the only ones seeing the rude side to this.

Claire had to share what she saw on social media (
Kennedy News and Media)

Claire explained what happened when the telly adverts came on: "The other half happened to pause it to leave the room and it was paused in that position.

"We spotted it at the same time and both laughed. I said 'that’s obviously a penis' and both wondered if the placement was on purpose because of the position of the cup and the 's'.

"It looks like the gingerbread man had a happy ending.

"I took a photo of the screen to share on Facebook to see if anyone else spotted it."

Claire and Trevor were sitting down to watch Bake Off when they clocked the NSFW detail (
Kennedy News and Media/Costa)

Self-professed "latte girl" Claire said they spotted the advert when they sat down to watch The Great British Bake Off when they came across the NSFW coffee cup detail.

Claire said: "I think it was the second ad break because I took the pic at 8.30pm and we started watching around 8pm when I got home from work.

"I laughed longer than he did because I’m a child with stuff like that.

"I think Paul and Prue would find it funny.

"It's made me look at the Christmas Costa cups in a new light, I will always see a penis."

Channel 4 said it was for Costa to comment on as it was "their campaign".

Costa Coffee have been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media/Costa

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