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Woman Mocked After Complaining 12lb 'Turkey' Was Too Pink

Woman Mocked After Complaining 12lb 'Turkey' Was Too Pink

A clucking error.

Turkey may not always be our meat of choice, but it’s always nice to get one for the Christmas season.

So it’s little wonder one woman was left so angry when she discovered that the ‘turkey’ she’d ordered for her big festive dinner was pink.

A woman was disappointed her turkey looked pink (

A woman only identified as ‘Zoe’ furiously lambasted her butchers., NL Woodcock Butchers in Oldham, Greater Manchester, telling them she was “very disappointed” with the ‘turkey’ she had purchased.

After trying to cook the meat, she expressed concerns that it was still “very pink” inside, leaving her concerned that she would be unable to serve dinner safely to her family.

From this, the family were forced to have Christmas dinner “two hours late with no meat”.

The woman registered her disappointment on Facebook (

Writing on Facebook, Zoe said: “So we cooked the big 12lb turkey yesterday and when we carved it, it was still very, very pink inside so we had to put it back in the oven.

“One hour later we got it back out again but still pink my husband carved it and all and put it back in because we thought it would cook quicker like this.

“Eventually we gave up and had Christmas dinner two hours late with no meat.

“Very disappointed I have to say.”

However, butcher Neil was quick to respond that the woman hadn’t actually purchased turkey at all, but gammon.

The woman had accidentally bought gammon (

“Hi Zoe we are sorry to hear about that but looking at your previous messages you ordered the hamper six which was the full gammon joint and didn't come with the turkey,” they responded apologetically – causing Zoe to eat her words.

“Please accept my apologies!” she said.

“Oh well it couldn't have made Christmas worse anyway because my whole family apart from me has Covid.”

But because Zoe’s story had brightened Neil’s day so much, the generous butcher decided to drop off some extra food at her house from the post-Christmas slump.

“We will drop you a boneless turkey breast on Wednesday,” they said. “The price is nothing as it's the best laugh I've had this year.

“Hope all the family get well soon.”

Zoe was forced to apologise (

After the butchers posted the photo on their Facebook page, and the post went viral, people laughed at Zoe’s expense.

“Fair play to Zoe for apologising, bet she feels like a right numpty,” said one person.

”She never ordered one let alone know the difference,” said a second.

A third simply added: “Priceless.”

Thankfully, Zoe was a good sport about everything, adding: “I'm so pleased everyone has had a massive laugh at our stupidity.”

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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