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Colin The Caterpillar Fans Will Love Asda's New Guinea Pig Cake

Colin The Caterpillar Fans Will Love Asda's New Guinea Pig Cake


We hate to break it to you, Colin the Caterpillar, but you’re sort of old news now.

As much as you were a staple of all of our childhood birthday parties, we’ve decided to head in a different direction, away from Marks and Spencer's and more towards Asda, if you must know.

Why? Because the supermarket has diversified its range of birthday cakes – and we have fallen head over heels for the gorgeous Ginny the Guinea Pig cake.

A slice of Ginny is a little slice of heaven (

Sorry, Colin, but how can anyone say no to this?

As opposed to a super chocolatey Swiss roll, little Ginny is made up of soft Madeira sponge layered with fruity raspberry jam and frosting, finished with sweet edible decorations.

She’s the perfect little party companion, and she almost looks too good to eat. Almost…

At £10 a cake, Ginny may be a little more spenny compared to a more traditional caterpillar cake, but she’s certainly a good alternative for kids who may not be huge fans of more choc-heavy offerings – and she’s perfectly plentiful, serving around 12 people.

Asda teased the arrival of the gorgeous £12 S'Mores cake (
Instagram - asda)

The arrival of Ginny scampering into supermarkets was announced by popular Facebook group Money Saver Online, with many rushing to comment that they hoped to try it for their next party.

“I know what I’m getting my daughter!” one person gushed, while another wrote: “This is the only cake I want for my birthday from now on.”

Asda has really upped their cake game recently, having launched a show-stopping chocolate avalanche cake, topped with S’mores.

Teasing the release of the cake on their Instagram page, Asda wrote: “Enjoy s'more and s'more flavour with soft chocolate sponge cake, coated and filled with sweet marshmallow flavour frosting and digestive biscuit crumbs, to be topped with chocolate sauce and marshmallows.

Simply pop the collar on top, pour in the chocolate sauce and marshmallows, and RELEASE!

We cannot wait to stock up on cakes – race you all to Asda…

Featured Image Credit: Asda

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