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Shrek Fans Spot NSFW Detail In Lord Farquaad Bed Scene

Shrek Fans Spot NSFW Detail In Lord Farquaad Bed Scene

SomeBODY once told me...this fun fact and it ruined our childhood.

Prepare to have your childhoods completely ruined – another family favourite film features a totally NSFW scene that we never noticed before.

And we have to inform you that millennials' favourite Shrek has a moment that will leave your hanging mouth open.

Brace yourself – there’s something long and hard In this scene below.

Thankfully, it's not our favourite green ogre that's behaving badly.

Instead, in the 2001 classic, we see Lord Farquaad with an erection. Gross.

The scene sees the movie’s baddie, voiced by John Lithgow, asks his fairytale mirror to display a picture of his soon-to-be bride Princess Fiona.

Lord Farquaad is caught with his pants down (

With a sigh, the mirror shows Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz) leaning outside her dragon-guarded castle.

However, if you narrow your eyes and focus on Lord Farquaad’s sheets, you see a small bump appear, which causes Lord Farquaad to flush and cover his modesty.

Shrek was such a smash hit when it was first released, as both adults and children could enjoy the irreverent humour at fairytale references.

The film, which spawned three sequels and numerous spin-offs, was packed full of jokes that grown-ups taking their youngsters could snigger at.

He raised a martini to Princess Fiona (

For example, Lord Farquaad's name is meant to sound similar to an insulting expletive.

And in the opening scenes of the film, we see Shrek using a fairytale book as toilet paper, shouting: "What a load of..." before flushing the toilet. You can use your imagination about what word he was meant to stay.

But Shrek isn't the only franchise that we've seen with moments for adults to enjoy.

Shrek saved Fiona from the dragon-guarded tower (

We previously told you how Cars featured a scene where two female cars 'flash' Lightning McQueen.

Meanwhile, The Rescuers features a 'topless woman' in the background of a scene.

During the scene, an image of a 'topless woman' can be seen in the window of a building. As Bianca and Bernard are flying through New York City in a sardine box, an image of the woman appears in the background.

Featured Image Credit: Dreamworks

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