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Channel 5 Announces You Are What You Eat Reboot With Trisha Goddard

Channel 5 Announces You Are What You Eat Reboot With Trisha Goddard

The show - formerly on Channel 4 - is now launching on Channel 5 with a new host, Trisha Goddard, at the helm.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

You Are What You Eat is officially launching on Channel 5, rebooting the old TV series, which was fronted by Gillian McKeith.

Brought to us by CPL Productions, the six episode series will now feature Trisha Goddard at the helm instead, alongside a string of medical experts, including Dr Amir Khan (from GPs: Behind Closed Doors).

In case you need a reminder, the idea of the programme is to drive two unhealthy eaters to revolutionise their lifestyles by showing them what the food they are eating is doing to their bodies.

And it was pretty brutal, as this clip can attest:

Each week, participants see all the food they've eaten laid out on a table, and will have the opportunity to discuss the nutritional value of each dish.

They also undergo a several medical and nutritional tests, including the infamous poo test. And we have caught wind that this is returning...

(Anyone else imagining Trisha leaning over a toilet with a pair of rubber gloves right about now?!)

The reason for the 'poo test' is so experts can examine gut health, and help people to live the healthiest way - "through meal plans, exercise regimes and top tips from our range of experts".

Fans might remember the rather controversial methods Gillian McKeith used to strike fear into the contestants on the show, and get them to change their habits.

Gillian McKeith struck fear into contestants with her militant approach (
Channel 4)

Quotes from her 'pep talks' on the show would include lines like "your arteries must be the M25 at rush hour... at a stand still."

Plus, she was regularly accused of fat shaming, and would often warn participants of the possibility of their death. In fact, some episodes even saw her make a mock grave for them, to really hammer it home.

In the fourth series of the show, Gillian also used extremely militant methods of checking on participants, even turning up at their homes in the middle of the night for 'inspections'.

The series' commentary was particularly savage, too, with the narrator regularly branding contestants nasty names and berating their eating habits. In one episode he even called a woman 'a giant dough ball'.

While the old series also got slack for promoting weight loss, the new series has promised a more, positive, rounded approach, focusing on all factors that make up a healthy lifestyle, including sleep and anxiety as well.

Trisha Goddard is replacing Gillian on the show (

Channel 5 says the revived show will have a rather different look, aiming to "get to the bottom of the mental and emotional issues that are at the root of why so many of us are overeating and eat unhealthily".

Producers are hoping Trisha will "bring a fresh impetus" and a new vibe to the popular show.

Discussing her new role in the series, Trisha said: "I am thrilled to have been asked to do You Are What You Eat!

"Many years ago, I finally worked out that what I ate helped dictate not only my physical health, but most importantly my mental health. Our bodies are like cars: fill it with the wrong fuel, leave it parked in one spot for way too long and bit by bit, it's going to start falling apart!

"There has been extra stress on us recently because so many of us have been forced to drastically change routines and extra stress has meant that while our social lives have shrunk, the same can't always be said for our waistlines.

"There is nothing more uplifting than finding how to create the best version of yourself. So working with people who want to improve the way they feed themselves; body and soul is really exciting"

Murray Boland, CPL's Creative Director said: "The great thing about bringing back this classic format is that Channel 5 really want to do something new with it that feels warm and life affirming. That is exactly the kind of programme that we love to make.

"As the nation gets back up and running, we're making a show that will reflect the new challenges that we all face in keeping happy and healthy - it's a really exciting opportunity."

The new series will land on Channel 5 later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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