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'Downton Abbey' Creator Is Working On A 'Wind In The Willows' Reboot

'Downton Abbey' Creator Is Working On A 'Wind In The Willows' Reboot

Toad of Toad Hall, Mole and Rat on screen in CGI? Yes it's happening finally...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is set to write the screenplay for a brand new adaption of The Wind in the Willows and we're feeling all nostalgic.

The classic English novel all about Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger, is now a much loved tale around the world, so you can probably relate when we say it's bringing us all the feels.

It has been adapted for screen and stage in different forms. From a puppet version, to animated and live-action, Wind in the Willows has already been rebooted and reworked many times since A.A. Milne first took it to the stage as Toad of Toad Hall in 1929, followed by Walt Disney in its first film adaption in 1949.

But now, safely in the hands of the Downton Abbey creator Julian and producer Gerald R. Molen, who is known for his Oscar after working on Schindler's List, this is no doubt set to be a wonderful interpretation of the tale by Kenneth Grahame.

The Wildlife Trust's short film adaption that campaigned for wildlife was released in cinemas in 2019 (
The Wildlife Trust)

Not least because Julian has actually previously worked with the story. Just four years ago he wrote the script for a musical version, so he already must be very familiar with the tale, standing him in good stead.

This time, no musical notes will be heard, but we can expect to see CGI versions of the fabulous four creatures going about their business in Wild Wood - perfect for a modern day audience.

The Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is set to write the screenplay (

According to Screen Daily, "extensive design and artwork have already been completed."

Gerald said in a statement about the upcoming adaption: "We are finalising some of the finest actors to lend their creative and vocal talents.

"We could not have dreamed of a better writer and creative force than Julian Fellowes to work with Ray Griggs to bring to life the classic English novel's characters, nor finer visionaries than Weta to capture the look and feel of Grahame's world.

The CGI film adaption is on its way (
Carlton UK Productions)

"We have all the right pieces to create what will prove to be the definitive adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's classic."

Whilst there is no news on who will be cast as the famous characters, or when it will be finished, we are just excited to see the anthropomorphic animals in action in CGI.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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