Who Is Saifullah Khan In Louis Theroux's New Sexual Consent Documentary?

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Who Is Saifullah Khan In Louis Theroux's New Sexual Consent Documentary?

Louis Theroux's latest documentary, The Night In Question, is set to tackle sexual consent, and it's already raking in rave reviews from critics before it's aired. The documentary-maker shared one in particular from Radio Times to his Twitter timeline, preempting the response from viewers.

"I can guarantee that you'll be doing just one thing after watching this sobering exploration of sexual consent: searching the name of Saifullah Khan online," penned the writer, going on to heap on the praise for Louis and the documentary.

So, who actually is Saifullah Khan?


A New York Times report in March 2018 said that the student is 25-years-old.

As the Radio Times review explains, Saifullah was accused of raping a fellow Yale student. He was acquitted of the crime but the documentary sees him awaiting the outcome of a university investigation into the incident.

According to a Yale Daily News article published in January 2019, Saifullah was once expelled from the uni after the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct said Khan was 'responsible for sexually assaulting a Yale undergraduate in October 2015'.

Credit: BBC One
Credit: BBC One

He was arrested by police, and the case went to court. In March 2018, he was acquitted on four counts of sexual assault and the case garnered massive attention as US university cases like this one are rarely - if ever - tried in court.

The Yale student was allowed to re-enroll at the university. Under the university's standards, there must be more than a 50 per cent likelihood those accused committed the crime in order to be guilty.

However in the October 2018, new allegations of sexual assault were published against Khan and he was suspended again. It looks like Louis' new documentary will look at what followed.



There's also a short synopsis for the documentary: "Louis Theroux heads to US college campuses and comes face-to-face with students accused of sexual assault."

And the trailer sees Louis speaking to assault survivor who discusses the ongoing issue of consent at US universities with the filmmaker.

The Night In Question will air on BBC Two at 9pm on Monday.

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