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Love Island Fans Are Kicking Off As Show Is Rescheduled Due To England Match

Love Island Fans Are Kicking Off As Show Is Rescheduled Due To England Match

'Love Island starting at 10pm on a Wednesday night is a farce'

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Love Island fans were dealt a shocking blow at the end of Tuesday night's episode when It was announced that Wednesday's episode will be delayed.

Tonight's episode will see the new girls Lucinda and Millie go on three dates with three different boys. But, fans have to wait one extra hour to see the drama unfold because the episode has been pushed back from its usual 9pm time slot to 10pm due to the England semi-final football match against Denmark.

Viewers took to Twitter after hearing the news and let's just say they weren't happy at all.

One Twitter user said: "Love Island being moved to 10pm bc of the England game is not the vibe".

Another person shared "It's not on until 10pm tomorrow night nah that's way past my bedtime".

Love Island fans were not happy after hearing about the show's 10pm start time (

While a third person added: "Love Island starting at 10pm on a Wednesday night is a farce. Ban the football again I beg."

One viewer argued that the football should have aired at 10pm instead of Love Island. They tagged the official ITV account and said: "@ITV bosses you should have let the football air at 10pm instead love island is far better and should be first."

New islanders Millie and Lucinda will have dates with three boys of their choice (

Other fans were more concerned about their bedtimes. "Love Island at 10pm tomorrow?!?! I can barely stay awake to watch it at 9 lol," one user joked.

While another said: "Does itv realise I'm too old to stay up till then?"

In Wednesday's episode viewers will see Aaron and Sharon have a chat about their coupling after Aaron was left less than impressed with Sharon following the Mr and Mrs game that took place the previous evening, after she took offence to Hugo saying he doesn't like "fake" girls.

Aaron goes on a date with new girl Lucinda and he has been left doubting his connection with Sharon - despite the pair previously being unable to keep their hands off each other.

"I wanted to chat to you yesterday. After yesterday, I didn't really like the way you reacted to everything," he explained.

Sharon replied: "From my perspective, you weren't in the conversation. So when I was talking to him, I wasn't yelling."

Aaron then responded: "Personally, I do prefer someone a lot more chilled. We get on really well, that's pretty clear. But I do feel like there were a few red flags about. Can I see this working long-term? I'm not really sure. I didn't want to continue it."

"You didn't?" Sharon asked. "Or you don't?"

Love Island continues tonight at 10pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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