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People Can't Get Enough Of 'Addictive' Reality Series 'Below Deck' On Netflix

People Can't Get Enough Of 'Addictive' Reality Series 'Below Deck' On Netflix

This could be our new fave reality show!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Netflix has just added reality series Below Deck to its catalogue of binge-worthy shows - and we're addicted to it already.

In fact, it's giving us serious Selling Sunset vibes - and with two seasons to get through on the streaming platform, it's perfect for a rainy weekend on the sofa.

Although, warning - it will make you crave sun, sea and sand more than ever (just in case we weren't already daydreaming about that enough).

The reality series first aired in 2013 on American channel, Bravo. But now, Netflix has added the first two seasons, and it looks sooo drama filled.

The show basically chronicles what it's like to work onboard a mega luxurious yacht, serving and looking after millionaires who are often *very* picky and demanding.

Not only does it show the crew in their professional lives, but it also details their personal problems, too - after all, what reality show would be complete without romance, arguments and drama, eh?!

It's filled with romance, arguments and lots of juicy drama (

The team - known as 'yachties' - reside onboard the luxurious yacht and live by the motto 'work hard, play harder' - which naturally, lands them in trouble on a regular basis.

While navigating their own problems and dramas, they must meet their clients' needs, which isn't always as easy as it sounds.

Each season focuses on a different set of guests, from fashion photographers to wild party animals, entrepreneurs and their families - and there's always some sort of juicy drama going down.

So far, there have been seven seasons of the show, as well as spin-off series' Below Deck: Sailing Yacht and Below Deck: Mediterranean which has had five seasons so far set in Greece, Croatia, Italy, the South of France and Spain.

UK fans are obsessed with the series after watching it on Netflix, with one tweeting: "Absolutely addicted to Below Deck on Netflix, highly recommend."

While another said: "I've watched 3 episodes of Below Deck on Netflix and now I'm ready to run away and work on a yacht."

Another admitted to binge-watching a whole 20 hours in two days - now that is impressive!

"I've literally binge watched 20hrs of Below Deck in the past 2 days - im embarrassed," the user wrote.

While the first season consists of 12 episodes, the second has 14. If you're looking for a reality show that's a little bit different - but still filled with all the bitchy drama we know and love - then look no further.

You can watch the first two seasons of Below Deck on Netflix now! Here's to hoping the streaming platform add more seasons soon!

Featured Image Credit: Bravo

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