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You Can Now Watch 'Gogglebox' On Netflix

You Can Now Watch 'Gogglebox' On Netflix

The ultimate binge watch.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you're in need of a new binge watch, you might be excited to hear that Gogglebox has now arrived on Netflix!

The streaming platform has added seasons 9-12 - meaning there's a whopping 60 episodes to get through dating back to 2017.

We can't wait to catch up with Gogglebox families old and new. For example, Sandra, who left after Season 9, Chris and Stephen, and the Tapper family.

You can revisit episodes with the Tapper family (
Channel 4)

Even Gogglebox OG Scarlett Moffatt has been watching the show on Netflix, with the 29-year-old telling Metro: "Do you know what? Me and my family have not stopped watching Gogglebox, we absolutely love it.

"And it's on Netflix now! [My boyfriend] Scott and I couldn't find anything to watch and I was like, 'Gogglebox is on Netflix?' So we watched that - not with me in it though."

Scarlett also explained that new cast members already feel like originals, adding: "I just think that everyone feels like originals. I think everyone has really fitted in nicely, I don't think you can tell who the new ones are."

Seasons 9-12 are on Netflix now (
Channel 4)

In other Gogglebox news, earlier this month we told you the jaw dropping news that siblings Sophie and Pete Sandiford are related to none other than the Chuckle brothers! Mind. Blown.

As it turns out, Sophie and Pete are the niece and nephew of the TV comedy duo - Paul Chuckle and the late Barry Chuckle, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Fans were shocked when Paul took to his Twitter account to post an image of the pair, captioning it "proud uncle".

"Look who we had a very nice lunch with," he wrote, alongside a picture with the siblings.

And when eagle-eyed fans commented on the tweet, asking if they were related, Paul replied confirming they indeed are!

Pete and Sophie joined Gogglebox in 2017 for Season 10 - you can watch their first ever episode on Netflix now!

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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