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The Entire Series Of One Tree Hill Is Coming To All4 This Month

The Entire Series Of One Tree Hill Is Coming To All4 This Month

We'll be in front of the telly if you need us.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you're looking for a major boxset binge watch, look no further, because all episodes of One Tree Hill will be available on All4 this month.

Streaming from 30th October, you can catch all seasons of the iconic show (that's a whopping nine to binge watch!) in what will be a huge trip down memory lane for fans.

All seasons will be available on All4 (
Warner Bros)

In case you need a recap, the series is set in a small, North Carolina town where two estranged half brothers lead very different lives.

There's mega popular, basketball-mad Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), and Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) - also mega talented at the game, but more of an outsider than his brother.

When Lucas and Nathan's paths cross for the first time, they don't seem to have much in common, apart from their dad, Dan.

As the series progresses, the brothers' rivalry soon turns to friendship - but not without plenty of relationship dramas.

From Peyton Sawyer - Nathan's girlfriend - finding she has more in common with Lucas, to plenty of love triangles, including on-off dramas with Lucas, Peyton and Peyton's best friend Brooke, the show also explores the problematic relationship with the brothers' parents.

If you're looking for an easy watch and a hefty dose of nostalgia, catch all seasons from 30th October.

Alongside One Tree Hill, also streaming on All4 this month is all seasons of American political drama show The West Wing. Nick Lee, Head of Series Acquisitions said: "All eyes turn to The West Wing over the next few weeks and so there could not be a more fitting time to bring this giant of a show to All 4.

We can't wait to binge all nine seasons (
Warner Bros)

"Proving that teen romance and sibling rivalries can be just as gripping as Capitol Hill, One Tree Hill will also slam dunk onto the platform in its entirety.

"Bringing these two major hits, alongside Malcolm in the Middle which landed on the 2 October, we have risen to a new high in the quality of our line-up. Happy Streaming!"

We'll be in front of the telly if you need us!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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