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People Are Only Just Discovering Matthew McConaughey Starred In Unsolved Mysteries

People Are Only Just Discovering Matthew McConaughey Starred In Unsolved Mysteries

The Magic Mike and Interstellar actor starred in a re-enactment in Unsolved Mysteries before finding fame.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Unsolved Mysteries took the world by storm when its reboot landed on Netflix recently, tackling old unsolved cases by delving back through the facts and interviewing those involved.

From the case of Alonzo Brooks, who was found dead after disappearing from the party in La Cygne, in April, 2004, to that of Rey Rivera, who was found dead at the Belvedere Hotel six days after going missing from his home in 2006, people were left gripped by the details surrounding all these old cases - so much so that many also went back and streamed the original show.

But what they didn't expect, as they sat down for an afternoon of sofa sleuthing, was that Matthew McConaughey would be making a cameo in one of the reconstructions filmed in the 1990s.

Check it out for yourself:

Yep, in one episode from December 1992, back when the show aired on NBC, the Interstellar actor appears in a reconstruction scene.

In the reconstruction (which were common in the OG series), the now Oscar-winning actor played 26-year-old Larry Dickens, an ex-marine who was shot after he confronted a man for exposing himself to kids in the neighbourhood.

The scene features McConaughey moving the lawn topless ahead of his murder, and while it might sound like a swoon-fest, it actually helped catch the killer, too.

Fans didn't expect to see McConaughey in the reconstruction (

In fact, within 11 days of the episode airing, killer Edward Harold Bell was arrested, sentenced to a total of 70 years behind bars, where he died in 2019, aged 82.

The actor has spoken about his appearance on the show before, too.

"I was the guy who got shot while mowing my mother's grass!" he previously told IMDB. "Somebody had seen the episode I was in and made a call, and they caught the guy eleven days later. I was like, 'oh my god, somebody saw the show I was in!'"

Matthew McConaughey starred in the reconstruction before making it big (

Not long after the episode aired, McConaughey was cast in Dazed and Confused, a show which made his career.

Brb, we're off to look for all our favourite actors' first roles...

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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