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Unsolved Mysteries Creeps Out Netflix Viewers With Unexpected Ghost Episode

Unsolved Mysteries Creeps Out Netflix Viewers With Unexpected Ghost Episode

The episode follows the aftermath of a tsunami in Japan.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Ever since our favourite mystery show returned to Netflix with its second volume of episodes last week, we have thought of little else.

But one episode of Unsolved Mysteries in particular has left fans particularly spooked.

Fans have been flocking to Twitter to share how "creeped out" there were after watching the Tsunami Spirits episode, in which people discuss how they saw ghosts following the 2011 tsunami in Ishinomaki, Japan.

The Tsunami Spirits episode has left fans spooked (

One person tweeted: "This tsunami / ghost episode of Unsolved Mysteries is really getting to me, so haunting."

Another fan said: "Wasn't expecting the tsunami spirits episode of #UnsolvedMysteries to be this fascinating. It's simultaneously heavy and wild."

A third fan shared: "Watching #unsolvedmysteries when I know sh*t like that scares me to death and I won't be able to sleep tonight." Another fan said: This tsunami episode of #UnsolvedMysteries is crazy. Glad I didn't watch this at night"

Echoing this another fan confessed: "When I committed myself to a weekend of True Crime & junk food, I wasn't expecting ghost stories about spirits taking taxis".

In other Unsolved Mysteries-related news, the producers have already begun brainstorming ideas for Volume 3 and there's a podcast in the works too.

Unsolved Mysteries is available to stream on Netflix

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