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A Whole Channel Dedicated To True Crime Is Launching Today

A Whole Channel Dedicated To True Crime Is Launching Today

From savage serial killers to unexplained disappearances, this new channel will expose it all.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you're a huge fan of true crime then prepare to never leave your house again, because today marks the launch of Sky Crime - a brand new channel dedicated to crime documentaries.

Bringing out the detective in everyone, the programmes set to feature will get under the skin of some of the worst criminals and encourage you to delve into unsolved cases.

From savage serial killers, to unexplained disappearances and love stories gone disturbingly wrong, the channel will expose some of the most chilling crimes from both the UK and the USA.

The channel will be available on both Sky and NOW TV, so if you don't have access to either, you will need to invest, or borrow log ins from your pals ASAP so you can spend your weekend on the sofa, digging into some of these cases.


Britain's Most Evil Killers is just one series you can get your teeth into, which trawls back through varying high-profile murder cases, including that of Joanna Yeates from Bristol, who was strangled by her neighbour Vincent Tabak.

Another series available documents the famous American case in the news back in 2017, which centres around 17-year-old Michelle Carter, who encouraged her 18-year-old long-distance boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to kill himself over text.

I Love You, Now Die is available from 6th October.
Sky & NOW TV

This documentary goes over the prosecution and the complex questions raised throughout the case at the time about criminal responsibility and whether you can ever really be to blame for someone else's suicide.

I Love You, Now Die directed by Erin Lee Carr, explores the complicated relationship between Carter and Roy and its tragic consequences.

The Case Against Adnan Syed is available from 1st October.
Sky & NOW TV

The famous cases don't stop there either, because The Case Against Adnan Syed reinvestigates the case made famous by the Serial podcast that left listeners split in opinion.

There sounds like there's plenty to keep us occupied. BRB just finding PJs and a duvet.Featured Image Credit: Sky & NOW TV

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