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Trailer Drops For Sarah Paulson's New Horror Movie Run

Trailer Drops For Sarah Paulson's New Horror Movie Run

The Ratched star plays a mother with a dark secret.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We've watched a number of scary movies these past few weeks (what with it being spooky season and all) but Sarah Paulson's latest horror flick looks set to chill us right to the bone.

The 45-year-old is no stranger to sending chills down people's spines, having starred in the terrifying American Horror Story, and scared us silly as the unforgiving nurse in Netflix hit Ratched.

Now she plays what appears to be doting mother Diane Sherman, who claims to work hard to look after her home-schooled and disabled daughter Chloe (played by Kiera Allen) in new movie Run.

Chloe begins to feel suspicious of her overbearing and overprotective mother, and when she starts to look more closely, secrets begin to unravel.

Daughter Chloe gets suspicious (

The trailer sees an increasingly erratic Diane tell her daughter: "I am doing what I know is best for you," before Chloe decides to try and flee her unhinged mother.

The tagline of the thriller reads: "You can't escape a mother's love," with Chloe's fate hanging in the balance.

Run was initially scheduled to be released in May this year, however, the release date was postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Things turn ugly between mother and daughter (

In August, Hulu acquired the rights to the film, which is now scheduled for release in America on November 20th, 2020. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

In other film news, SCS Entertainment announced the upcoming film Arachnado. Not dissimilar to the 2013 cult classic Sharknado, the film sees a cyclone, which belches out oversized and angry spiders, ravage Los Angeles.

While it's more B-movie cheesy horror than genuinely terrifying, those who aren't fans of spiders (or tornadoes) should probably give it a miss.

Diane insists she knows best in this gripping thriller (

There's also plenty of horror to get stuck in to as we rapidly approach Halloween, with Netflix offering a range of movies to watch behind our fingers.

Run is released on November 20th on Hulu

Featured Image Credit: Hulu/YouTube

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