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Tommy Fury Baffles As He Doesn't Know How To Make Tea Or Omelettes

Tommy Fury Baffles As He Doesn't Know How To Make Tea Or Omelettes

The 20-year-old professional boxer attempted to pull out all the stops, but needed some guidance with the kettle and frying pan.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Tommy Fury pulled out all the stops to impress newcomer Molly-Mae Hague during last night's installment of Love Island.

But despite the heartthrob offering to make her a peppermint tea and a cheese omelette for breakfast, the boxer left fans baffled when he begged fellow Islanders for help in making the basic meal.

That's right - the 20-year-old had to ask pal Sherif Lanre how to make a simple herbal tea, with the semi-professional rugby player and chef showing him how to pour hot water over a tea bag in a cup.


"I don't know how to make a f*cking peppermint tea," Tommy confessed to Sherif, before asking whether he should put milk in it.

But when love rival Anton Danyluk swooped in to make Molly a tea the next morning, Tommy decided to up his game by making her a cheese omelette.


But there was a slight problem as, once again, he again had no idea how to make one - leading the other Islanders to question whether the boxer's mum does "everything" for him.

With the help of Curtis Pritchard, 23, holding the pan, Tommy put all his eggs in one bowl before whisking up an omelette for the influencer, who was none the wiser until the boys ribbed him later on that morning for taking 'full credit'.

"I cracked the eggs, I whisked them, I put the cheese in. Curtis just [oversaw] it," Tommy insisted to Molly.

While many fans thought it was sweet that Tommy was making extra effort with Molly to avoid being involved in his second love triangle of the season, others questioned how he'd got so far in life without making a brew.

"Did Tommy really just say he doesn't know how to make tea? TEA?" tweeted one Love Island fan.

Another echoed: "Sorryyyy Tommy can't make tea? As in put tea bag into hot water? LOOL at his big age?!"

And other fans were just as baffled by the fact that he didn't know how to make a simple omelette either.

"Can Tommy seriously not even f*cking cook an omelette!!?" asked one fan.

Another declared: "So what can Tommy do other than box and chat sh*t?? How can you not know how to make tea and not know how to make an omelette at his big age?? "

Well, at least the guy can box...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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