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This Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Suggests Jon Snow Will Become The Night King

This Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Suggests Jon Snow Will Become The Night King

The next series will air in 2019, and fans are already coming up with their own ideas about what will happen in the finale.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

There's still a long, long wait until the next series of Game of Thrones airs in 2019, but it hasn't stopped the excitement going into overdrive already. Expectations are seriously high for when it finally arrives, although no one knows exactly what's going to happen.

Fan theories are currently flying around all over the place, with most people believing that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will come face to face with the Night King, and the two will hopefully come out on top.

However, some fans are speculating that Jon could actually be the Night King himself, and it's actually pretty convincing. But would Game of Thrones really do that to us?

This new theory argues that there is actually only one way possible for the men to win against the dead: Jon must be the Night King, meaning that after everything, the good guy actually ends up being the bad guy.

The fan theory hasn't been plucked out of thin air either, as back in episode five of season six, a vision showed the Night King being made by the Children of the Forest hundreds of years before the first Long Night.

So, this means that the Night King must most likely be immortal, leaving many to question, how can Jon kill something that can't die?


One Reddit user explained the theory in more detail.

They wrote: "The idea is (and as the prophacy fortells it) that Azor Ahai will save the world from the Night king. What we speculated about was the idea that the Night King is actually immortal, that there is no method to kill him for good and that even the children of the forest can't control / kill him.

"Someone has to 'pull out' the dragonglass in his chest which was used to create him in the first place. By doing this the Night King would 'die,' but unlike what happens when someone kills a 'normal' white walker, none of the creatures the Night king 'created' or turned would die.


"Instead they would lose the mind controlling effect the Night King has on them, and they would start doing whatever the f*ck they want, i.e. rampaging around the country. To prevent this scenario from happening someone has to take the place of the Night King by stabbing himself with the previously extracted dragonglass-dagger.

"By doing this the person (in our mind Jon Snow) would sacrifice himself for the greater good, gaining control over all of the wights and walkers. He then would lead them back over the wall back into the north where they would stay like it has been before since the last long night (like a beast in a cage)."

So, if this theory proves to be true, Jon could end up sacrificing himself for the greater good. Fingers crossed this won't happen, or we'll be gutted.

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