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This Country Fans Will Love Daisy May Cooper's New BBC Comedy Drama

This Country Fans Will Love Daisy May Cooper's New BBC Comedy Drama

Cash Carraway features Daisy May Cooper’s typical dark humour.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Missing This Country? Binge-watching the series over and over again on BBC iPlayer? Us too.

But luckily, we have some good news, as This Country's creator, Daisy May Cooper is working on a brand new BBC comedy - and it's set to be just as hilarious.

Titled Cash Carraway, and based on the book Skint Estate that was written by Cash, the series follows a young working class single mum living with her ten year old daughter in "the brutal lonely landscape of austerity Britain."

Fuelled by dark humour and heaps of attitude, Cash Carraway is thought to "skewer stereotypes" of what it means to be working class in the UK and underlines the importance of love, dreams and friendships.

Daisy will play Cash in the series, with the rest of the cast yet to be announced.

Speaking about the upcoming programme, Cash explained: "The show is a about a brash yet intelligent working-class single mum who not only lives in extreme inner-city poverty but a state of ridicule and humiliation as she attempts to improve her life.

Daisy was hilarious as Kerry in This Country (

"She's immoral and shocking and purposefully vile, and swaggerous and quite amazing really - but obviously I would say that as it's inspired by my life!"

She continued: "Luckily the role will be played by the brilliant Daisy May Cooper who I know will give her warmth and humour and a performance that says 'f-you' to the expectations of how women perceived to be at the bottom of society are expected to behave.

"It isn't a woeful tale of poverty porn, it's a love story in the detritus between a mother and her daughter. A woman who refuses to hand over her spirit regardless of how hard it's kicked in, and it's an absolute dream to write this drama for the BBC and Sid Gentle Films."

Daisy won a BAFTA for This Country (
PA Images)

Daisy herself teased the drama. Posting a short, NSFW video on Instagram of a penis doodle dancing, she wrote: "Exciting news coming soon b*****ds...."

We can't wait!

Cash Carraway is just one of a series of new dramas slated for release by the BBC.

Michaela Coel, Dolly Alderton and Candice Carty-Williams are also writing new series for the channel.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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