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The Water Girl At The Golden Globes Becomes The First Meme of 2019

The Water Girl At The Golden Globes Becomes The First Meme of 2019

It's a night filled to the brim with Hollywood A-listers but there was an unexpected star at last night's Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles: a woman handing out water on the red carpet who hilariously upstaged all the glitzy celebrities.

Model Kelleth Cuthbert was hired by the brand Fiji Water to hand out refreshments before the big event but she ended up stealing the show with her incredible photobombing skills.


The LA-based model, who is represented by Kendall Jenner-linked agency Wilhemina, was spotted looking dazzling behind everyone from Golden Globe winner Richard Madden to future Bond hopeful Idris Elba and leading lady Amy Adams.

Cuthbert, who wore a $995 (£780) blue Marchesa Notte gown, admitted that her new found viral fame was no accident. "It's all strategic," she explained to the LA Times after the event. "You've got to angle."

Writing on her own Instagram page, the photobomber added: "Not the worst way to spend a Sunday... #goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl"

On Twitter, Cuthbert, who is originally from Toronto, was far and away the breakout star of the night.


RuPaul's Drag Race star Kim Chi said: "Ok Fiji water girl, a star is born. You're the true winner of [the] Golden Globes."

"The fiji water girl is serving LOOKS," another fan wrote. "Opportunity seeking at its finest. Get it queen!"

"Fiji water lady OWNED the #GoldenGlobes," another person wrote on Twitter.

The expert scene-stealing has now become the first excellent meme of 2019 - and it even inspired someone to set up a Fiji Water girl parody account, which is as hilarious as you'd expect.

"Hi! I'm Golden Globes' Breakout Water Girl and also the first worldwide meme of 2019," the parody account says. "Stay hydrated, drink Fiji!"

Captioning a photo with Australian actor Cody Fern, the account wrote: "There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who desperately tries to shine and the ones who shine bright like a diamond."

Cuthbert has worked as a model for nearly a decade and her impressed co-workers revealed how much they've enjoyed working with her in the past.

Photographer Ema Suvajac reacted to the model's viral fame by writing on Twitter: "The Fiji Water Girl is my fave model to work with, Kelleth Cuthbert! [...] And though you can't tell, she's also freakin hilarious!!"

We fully endorse this sort of scene stealing, so good for you Fiji Water girl!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kellethcuthbert

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