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The Undoing Fans Think They've Already Worked Out Who The Killer Is

The Undoing Fans Think They've Already Worked Out Who The Killer Is

Fans think they've cracked it!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Ever since The Undoing arrived on our screens a few weeks ago, we've been hooked to the unfolding drama (and constantly counting down the days until Monday evening).

Now, following the third episode airing this week, fans think they've already figured out who the killer is, as the gripping whodunnit starring Nicole Kidman, continues.

Now, if you're yet to watch episode three, there are spoilers incoming - you've been warned!

As we know so far, Dr Jonathan Fraser (played by Hugh Grant) has been arrested and taken into custody after he showed up at the beach house, confessing his affair with Elena (Matilda De Angelis) to wife Grace (Nicole Kidman) - but vehemently denying he was the one who took her life.

At first, Grace doesn't want to see or speak to him - she's the one who hands him in to the cops when he arrives - but for the sake of their son Henry (Noah Jupe) agrees to hear Jonathan out.

As viewers will know, over the last few months, Jonathan has essentially been living a lie. He was fired from the hospital where he worked, fathered Elena's daughter and has been having a months-long affair.

He tells Grace that Elena became obsessed with their family, explaining that although he went to confront her the evening she died, he did not commit the murder.

Fans are convinced they know who the killer is (

In the last episode, Grace becomes suspicious of Elena's husband, Fernando (Ismael Cruz Cordova) - could he have found out about Elena and Jonathan's affair and killed his wife in a fit of rage?

Concerned they've got the wrong man, Grace goes to the police station to ask detectives about Fernando's alibi. But she's shocked when they start asking her questions about her own whereabouts that evening.

During the chat, the police even produce CCTV footage of Grace just metres away from the crime scene that evening. As a result, viewers are convinced they've got the plot figured out.

One wrote on Twitter: "Just started watching The Undoing, just finished episode 2... Grace killed her."

While another added: "What if Grace is the one who killed that girl and set her husband up because she been found out about their affair and is acting like the hopeless damsel in distress?"

"Do we believe the husband? Grace killed Elena. I'm calling it now," tweeted one.

While another predicted: "I reckon Grace was having an affair with Elena and then found out about her affair with Jonathan so killed her."


Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant star in the gripping drama (

Others are adamant that Grace's father, Franklin (Donald Sutherland) has something to do with the mystery while some have all eyes on Grace's friend Sylvia (Lily Rabe).

Hmm, we just can't call it! Bring on episode four...

The Undoing continues on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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