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The Undoing Fans In Shock As They Finally Discover Killer's Identity

The Undoing Fans In Shock As They Finally Discover Killer's Identity

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Undoing

With the second lockdown hanging over us, we've needed some world class entertainment to keep us occupied - so The Undoing has been a total dream for us to lose ourselves in.

The psychological thriller starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as 'perfect' couple Grace and Jonathan Fraser that have their idyllic lives rocked by a gruesome murder, with fans gripped by the twists and turns in the tense whodunnit.

And last night's finale, appropriately titled The Bloody Truth, finally revealed who was guilty of the heinous crimes.


Not seen it yet, then look away now, as this article is about to contain major spoilers.

As always, the answer was staring us in the face all along - Jonathan killed Elena, with son Henry (Noah Jupe) having gone out of his way to try and conceal the hammer that was the murder weapon.

And while it looked as if Jonathan was set to get away with his crime, Grace saw her own husband landed in jail after her testimony dropped a few major hints about his true nature.


Naturally, fans were stunned with the results, taking to Twitter to register their shock at the truth behind Elena's murder.

Many viewers were amused that they have jumped to several different conclusions when the perpetrator was made clear from the start.

"They told us who the killer was day one and we were all out here like this blaming everyone and the extras," joked one fan. "I cannot."


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The Undoing Fans Think They've Already Worked Out Who The Killer Is

Another added: "The way we were told from the beginning who the killer was and still thought everyone else was the killer."



Other fans wanted to issue an apology to all the people they had blamed for Elena's death.

And others mainly just laughed at how they had got it so wrong.

Hugh Grant Wants To Reunite With Nicole Kidman For Paddington 3

Hugh Grant Wants To Reunite With Nicole Kidman For Paddington 3

published at12 days ago

While the all-star cast was superb in the drama, it was Hollywood staple Nicole Kidman that had captured fans' attention, with many calling for the star to win an Emmy for her role.

Kidman is no stranger to awards glory. The star won an Oscar in 2002 for her performance as Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

She also won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for her unforgettable performance in Big Little Lies.

Now, if you excuse us, we've got some major bingeing to do.

The Undoing is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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