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The Sister Viewers Shocked By Odd Motive Behind Elise's Murder

The Sister Viewers Shocked By Odd Motive Behind Elise's Murder

Viewers have been gripped to the drama this week.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

*Warning, spoilers for The Sister ahead*

All week, ITV viewers have been gripped to supernatural thriller series, The Sister.

But with the fourth episode airing on Thursday evening - and the truth behind Elise's death unravelling - fans were pretty shocked at the motive behind her death.

Bob was responsible all along (

It turns out that paranormal investigator Bob (played by Bertie Carvel) had actually planned Elise's death as an opportunity to create a ghost.

Viewers will remember how in an earlier episode, and after the New Year's Eve party, Bob had handed a packet of drugs to Elise (Simone Ashley) while she was in the car with Nathan (Russell Tovey).

Elise took the drugs - thinking it was cocaine - but Nathan did not. Viewers will remember how suspiciously, Nathan was about to take the drugs, but the pair ended up kissing instead.

It turns out the cocaine Bob gave Elise was also spiked with cyanide. He had set up her death in order to create a ghost - but it didn't turn out the way he had hoped.

Bob then allowed Nathan to believe he was responsible - as the pair were having sex when she died.

And viewers were a bit taken aback at the twist, with many thinking it was all a bit odd.

One person tweeted: "Well wasn't expecting that, Bob killed her to make a ghost." While another asked: "What the hell was that ending last night #TheSister?"

Meanwhile one confused viewer added: "Wow. I can't make my bed but Barmy Bob thinks he can make a ghost.... This just gets weirder and weirder #thesister."

Others admitted they were expecting more of a twist, with one tweeting: "I really enjoyed #TheSister however I was expecting more of a twist at the end."

If you've missed an ep, you can catch up with The Sister over on ITV Hub now.

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