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Viewers Are Calling Dan Schneider From Netflix's 'The Pharmacist' A 'Super Hero'

Viewers Are Calling Dan Schneider From Netflix's 'The Pharmacist' A 'Super Hero'

Fans are calling it the "best documentary they've seen"

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

With Storm Ciara hitting the UK this weekend, we'll be needing something to binge-watch. Enter The Pharmacist - Netflix's latest offering.

Viewers are obsessed with the four-part series and many have been taking to Twitter to praise dad Dan Schneider - of whom the doc focuses on.

The new programme centres around the Louisiana pharmacist, whose 22-year-old son, Danny Jr. was shot and killed during a drug deal in 1999.

While determined to find his son's killer, Dan begins to notice unusual activity in his pharmacy. He realises a large number of young people in the community are being prescribed opioid OxyContin.

For Dan, this is the last straw and the dad, spurred on by grief, begins to investigate the opioid crisis in a bid to save the lives of other sons and daughters.

Knocking on every door in his neighbourhood as well as keeping recordings of phone calls and file upon file of documents relating to his son's murder, Dan won't rest until he's uncovered the truth.

Viewers are calling it the best documentary they've seen (

It's a heart-wrenching and shocking watch and some Netflix viewers are taking to social media to praise Dan for being a "superhero".

One wrote: "Everyone needs to watch #ThePharmacist on Netflix. What an amazing documentary. This dude is a superhero."

Another person wrote a touching tweet about how Dan's son would be proud of his work, tweeting: "A very powerful documentary with a powerful message. Dan Schneider is a true hero and I'm pretty sure his son is proud of him."

But some viewers weren't convinced, with a number of Netflix fans saying they were divided over Dan, with concerns he had become "obsessed".

One person tweeted: "Danny Schneider on #ThePharmacist is the persistent, driven, obsessed, annoying, pain in the a**, don't take no for an answer, get the job done hero that I never knew I needed. If I ever get murdered, don't call the police, call Dan."

Others had issues with the recordings Dan had collected during his investigation. One commented on a Reddit thread: "He literally recorded himself interrogating his customers over their private medical information, illnesses and scripts. WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT."

While another said: "His constant recording is creepy, even more so that he is in the medical field and you should never record your patients without their consent."

Many agreed it was an important watch, however, with one tweeting: "The Pharmacist on Netflix is such an inspiring story about the need to keep fighting for change.

"Opioid deaths have taken far too many lives, it's time to hold big pharma accountable and help those suffering from addiction."

Others called it "absolutely incredible" while another said they were on the edge of their seat throughout.

"If you watch anything this week... watch The Pharmacist on Netflix... the best documentary I have ever seen," said one.

Another agreed, adding: "The Pharmacist is the best @netflix original documentary yet. Everyone needs to watch it!"

We'll be tuning in this weekend, who's joining us?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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