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The Internet Is Obsessing Over New BBC Drama Series Informer

The Internet Is Obsessing Over New BBC Drama Series Informer

"Breathtakingly gripping, intensely addictive and told in a way that keeps you guessing until the very last. Great TV."

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

The BBC is pumping out endless water-cooler television at the moment, and the latest drama series is no different.

Informer tells the story of Razi (Nabhaan Rizwan) who has been scouted to work alongside counter-terrorism officers in London as an undercover informant for the police.

East-Londoner and second generation Pakistani, Razi, has been recruited by counter-terrorism officer Gabe (Paddy Considine), who has a very mysterious past of his own.

"You're my hunter-gatherer. You go to the places I can't," Gabe tells Raza in the teaser trailer for the drama.

"I don't know any terrorists, bruv," Raza responds, to which Gabe quips: "Not yet, you don't."

Gabe works alongside his partner, Holly (played by Bel Powley), who poses a huge risk to the counter-terrorism operation due to her ambitious nature and endless curiosity.

"As the central counter-terrorism investigation heats up, the stakes for all three get higher and higher," reveals the show's synopsis.

"Informer tells a story about identity in a world where lines are increasingly being drawn and sides are being taken."

The Beeb's new series began airing earlier this month, and Twitter is currently obsessing over the new series - you only have to watch the above trailers to understand why, too.

Plenty of people are already making comparisons to BBC smash series The Bodyguard and Killing Eve, which have blown viewers away in terms of quality of acting, storyline and production.

"This beats anything I've watched in the past few weeks and I watched Killing Eve and Bodyguard #Informer #BBC #Binge," shared one Informer fan.

Echoing the above sentiment, a second declared: "Made a big dent in the BBC drama #Informer last night. It's excellent - really gripping. Excellent cast with Nabhaan Rizwan outstanding as Raza. Paddy Considine - always great - totally believable as the ex undercover cop. All on iPlayer now."

"After bingeing on I promised myself I wouldn't do the same for #Informer... the amazing acting and storyline made it impossible to stop watching! Excellent excellent excellent drama..well done BBC and all involved," praised a third.

You can watch the next instalment of Informer on Tuesday evening at 9pm, or binge the whole six episodes on BBC iPlayer already. I'll be doing the latter.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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