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'Take Me Out' Has Been Axed By ITV And We Definitely No Likey

'Take Me Out' Has Been Axed By ITV And We Definitely No Likey

Let the good, see the bye.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

After a decade on telly, Paddy McGuinness' feel-good dating show, Take Me Out has been axed.

After a reported dip in ratings and 10 incredible years of the hugely successful show, it's time to say goodbye. We can almost hear the show's farewell music.

We have many a good memory of Saturday nights watching Take Me Out. I think we can all agree it also made for *very* easy hungover viewing on a Sunday morning.

But all good things come to an end and ITV has confirmed that it will no longer continue.

'Take Me Out' has ended after a decade on air (

Speaking to The Sun, an ITV spokesman said: "We've decided to say goodbye to Take Me Out."

A telly source added: "ITV and Paddy have done all the specials you can eke out of a dating show, so it's been decided it's time for it to go.

"As with many shows, ratings have slid a bit in recent years. But it will go down as a big success - it's had more weddings than Blind Date."

Paddy has been hosting the show since it started (

The popular dating show saw a single man enter the studio via the 'love lift' where Paddy, 46 was waiting with a panel of 30 girls.

The ladies were then able to get to know the single man through a series of questions, video tapes and challenges - which often revealed some *very* embarrassing details.

It saw the birth of the catchphrase, 'no likey, no lighty' after the gals were required to turn off their lights if they weren't keen. At the end of the segment, the hopeful single is then required to choose his match, who he'll take on a whirlwind date to the Isle of Fernandos.

If *all* the women turn their lights off, he leaves the studio alone, to the music of 'All By Myself' - which was always an awks moment.

It truly was epic.

And fans are very upset at the news, with several tweeting about their heartbreak.

One wrote: "Noo don't axe it... that is an excellent show. Loved watching it on Saturday nights. Please keep this show."

While another said: "Take Me Out has been axed? This island gets more depressing by the day."

Fans are not happy the show has been cancelled (

Others admitted they were sad over the news, while some refused to believe it could be true.

"After 11 years this cant be true [sic]," wrote one.

We're hoping Take Me Out will be replaced with another legendary dating show, but it will have a *lot* to live up to.

Tyla has also reached out to ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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