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'Swipe Swap': Sarah Jessica Parker Making A New Dating Show With 'Love Island' Bosses

'Swipe Swap': Sarah Jessica Parker Making A New Dating Show With 'Love Island' Bosses

This sounds like something straight out of Carrie Bradshaw's columns.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is set to produce a new dating series, named Swipe Swap.

The show - which will be produced by Lifetime and Love Island producer, ITV America - will take the form of a dating social experiment, following two singles who trade places and adopt each other's lifestyles.

So... kind of like Wife Swap but with singletons.

The idea is the individuals will take over one another's homes and swap social lives - even making pit stops at each other's favourite local spots.

Plus, they'll get to meet each other's friends and family, to see how they impact each other's dating lives, positively or negatively.

Sarah Jessica Parker is producing the show (

According to Deadline, SJP will be executive producing the series alongside Alison Benson, who is co-founder of her production company, Pretty Matches Productions.

The company also worked on Sarah's HBO show, Divorce.

The publication teased: "There are plenty of eligible partners out there - what if these hopefuls have just been looking for their match in the wrong place?"

While Sarah won't be fronting the show, she's set to have a big input behind the scenes, and will bring her Carrie Bradshaw knowledge of the dating scene to the gig.

It's like wife swap but with singletons (

While a new dating show is exactly what we all need right now, we may have to be patient, as the news comes just two months after ITV postponed American Love Island due to the ongoing pandemic.

There are currently no details on when Swipe Swap will hit screens, and when it will be broadcast in the UK, but we will update you as soon as we know more!

It's likely that the show will air across the pond and then become available on ITV in the UK.

Tyla has reached out to ITV America for comment.

We can't wait for this one!

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