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​Stacey Dooley Is Campaigning For Louis Theroux To Sign Up For Strictly

​Stacey Dooley Is Campaigning For Louis Theroux To Sign Up For Strictly

After congratulating Stacey Dooley on her Strictly win Louis Theroux is now at the centre of a campaign to get him on next year's show.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Strictly Come Dancing champion Stacey Dooley is now campaigning for film-making legend Louis Theroux to sign up for next year's series.

Louis' fans are one hundred percent behind Stacey's campaign which was sparked by Louis joking that it was him next.

After Stacey's win on Saturday night Louis tweeted his fellow documentary maker. He wrote: "Congrats, @StaceyDooley! Me next! (JK)"

Although he might have been joking about that proposition, Stacey isn't letting it go as she replied: "Louis. You waltzing in a sequin shirt, would shut down the internet and send the entire UK into complete euphoria. 2019, GIVE US ALL WHAT WE DESERVE".

Not only are we behind this Louis' thousands of fans also want to see the documentary worker cha-cha onto the Strictly dance floor.

One fan wrote: "I'd pay all my money in votes for you to be on strictly. No ifs, no buts."

Another added: "I'm going to pretend @louistheroux isn't joking about this because we all know that him on #Strictly would be dreamy."

A third simply said: "Please be the sort of joke where you're joking but you kinda not at the same time."

One user also proposed that Theroux takes part int he competition while creating a documentary about it which sounds like a good way for us to get a double dose of Theroux.

Even Strictly Come Dancing's official Twitter has had its say on the matter with them simply tweeting Theroux a phone emoji.

Stacey's absolutely right, this would 100 per cent make our 2019 - and it hasn't even begun yet.

Louis has been sending his Twitter followers into a frenzy this week as he also revealed that he has met his dog-pelgänger and it was adorable.

The BBC documentary maker shared a photo captioned: "I have a dog-pelgänger!" which showed Louis looking pretty happy and posing next to an award winning pedigree chow dog called Louis Furroux.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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