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Fans Are Kicking Off After Netflix Cancels 'Spinning Out' After One Series

Fans Are Kicking Off After Netflix Cancels 'Spinning Out' After One Series

They deserved better.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

News just in: Netflix has reportedly CANCELLED Spinning Out after its very first season - and quite understandably, people are freaking out.

The seriously binge-able fictional show only landed on the streaming platform last month, and follows the lives of incredibly dedicated elite ice skaters as they fight their way to the top.

The show gives you a glimpse of the horrendous pressures athletes face, but also handles difficult sensitive issues, with some of the lead characters dealing with sexual abuse and bi-polar disorder.

It had us almost instantly hooked, which is why we're so surprised along with all other viewers that Netflix has reportedly decided to bin it.

The Twitter account belonging to Spinning Out's writers, took to the social media site today to report the bad news tweeting: "Hey, everyone. I'm sure you've seen the news - we've been cancelled.

"We're of course upset because we had so many stories to tell for our badass characters. Thank you so much for watching and being a part of our community. We truly appreciate each and every one of you."

January Jones, who plays Carol Baker also took to Instagram stories to write: "Will miss these cuties! Thanks for all the fan support!"

Willow Shields who plays Serena Baker added to her story: "Big love to my Spinning Out cast mates. Love you guys".

Two other lead actors, Kaya Scodelario who plays Olympic hopeful recovering from a traumatic accident Kat Baker and her partner Evan Roderick who plays Justin Davis, are yet to comment.

January Jones insinuated she wouldn't be seeing any more of the Spinning Out cast (

Whilst it seems pretty clear the show has been cancelled, the streaming site declined to comment when approached by Tyla.

But since the writers took to the site, people have gone wild on social media, using #savespinningout and #renewspinningout hashtags to plead with Netflix.

A petition has popped up too - which - at the time of writing - already has 2075 signatures.

People are devastated and not solely because it's a really great watch, but also because it tackles really important issues.

Kaya Scodelario and Evan Roderick were two of the lead characters (
January Jones and Willow Shields played mum and daughter Carol and Serena in the show (

One said on Twitter: "Depictions of mental health are so sparse already, let alone accurate depictions of bipolar disorder. People struggling NEED shows like this #RenewSpinningOut #SaveSpinningOut".

While a second echoed sentiments tweeting: "i can't believe @netflix cancelled #spinningout after one season but keep renewing the same boring shows that teach us nothing. it was more than about skating, it explored bipolar disorder and brought awareness. the cast & crew truly deserves better."

A third added: "spinning out shows on screen important subjects as bipolarity, PTSD, racism, child abuse, the pressure that athletes experience trying to achieve perfection and so much more and netflix decides to cancel it? I DON'T GET IT #SaveSpinningOut #SpinningOut".

Others used lines from the series to express annoyance.

"Kat baker and justin davis deserved better. #SaveSpinningOut," a fourth penned.

And some were so raging they want to address Netflix as if it was Dr Parker - who (if you didn't already know) gets hit in the face with a baseball bat for being a sexual predator.

That is the kind of rage you are dealing with Netflix. Are you SURE you're not renewing?

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