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'Love Island' Fans Fear For Shaughna's Mental Health As Recoupling To Take Place Tonight

'Love Island' Fans Fear For Shaughna's Mental Health As Recoupling To Take Place Tonight

Even Callum said Shaughna will go "f**king mad".

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Last night, we watched as Love Island's Callum Jones and fellow Mancunian Molly Smith shared a kiss in Casa Amor - and this time, it wasn't part of a challenge.

Now, with the 23-year-old scaffolder making it pretty clear he plans to bring Molly back to the main villa, Love Island viewers are growing increasingly concerned about Shaughna Phillips -with many fretting about the impact his return will have on her mental health.

We have to admit, it was a difficult watch when Callum puckered up with Molly last night, shortly after declaring his true feelings for the model.

Speaking to Molly, he revealed he didn't want to let go of something that could be "special" just because he was worried about hurting Shaughna's feelings.

Shaughna was busy telling the girls she wanted to make things official (

All the while, Shaughna, 25, was back in the main villa, telling the girls how she wanted to make her relationship with Callum official once he returns from Casa Amor.

"I'm literally never moaning at Callum again!", she told the girls, after explaining she'd feel a lot more secure if things were "more official".

And viewers watching were feeling for the democratic services officer, with many taking to Twitter to voice their concern over how Shaughna would react.

One wrote: "Poor Shaughna who clearly already has low self esteem is gonna have her heart broken on TV. Not good for her mental health."

Molly and Callum shared a kiss last night (

While another tweeted: "I'm genuinely concerned for Shaughna's mental health. She's obviously fell deep for Callum. Someone just going to warn her [sic]. I usually don't bother about this because it's a show but it is actually so hard to watch. I feel he used her."

Another said they were happy for Callum, having found love with Molly, but admitted they were very concerned over how it would impact Shaughna.

"Happy for Callum but i feel so terrible on Shaughna, she deserves so much better than to be led on for 3 weeks and i can't imagine how she's gonna feel when he walks in with Molly, this show is so bad for her mental health."

Meanwhile, some fans called for producers to let Shaughna know of the situation, before Callum returns.

"Not even joking when I say that all day i have been worried about Shaughna and what its gonna do to her mental health when Callum comes back with Molly. Please, please can the producers not show her some footage beforehand so she knows?", they tweeted.

While ITV has declined to comment on the mental welfare of specific islanders in the villa, it has explained enhanced psychological support and aftercare is in place for islanders before, throughout and after their participation in the show.

This includes a welfare team dedicated to contestants, a senior team with mental health first aid training and a psychological consultant engaged throughout the whole series.

You can read ITV's full duty of care procedure for the show here.

While Shaughna did tell the girls she would leave the villa if Callum returned with another girl, we really hope our fave gal stays.

Who knows, there could be a new man for her just around the corner...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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