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Sex/Life Fans Spot Editing Fail In Shower Scene

Sex/Life Fans Spot Editing Fail In Shower Scene

Say it ain’t so?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We've been obsessed with Sex/Life, with the raunchy new Netflix series certainly making up for our lockdown dry spell.

The series, which follows married mother-of-two Billie (played by Sarah Shahi) as she tries to spice up her humdrum life by reminiscing about her wild life with her former lover, Brad (played by Adam Demos).

The bee tattoo is missing from the shower scene (

Those of us who have tuned into the romp were left with eyes agog in episode three, after Brad jumps into the shower fully naked after a gym sesh - with his sizeable appendage on full display (no wonder Billie's been so wistful).

However, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a major continuity error - which has left some wondering whether clever camera trickery was involved in making Brad's package seem so...big.

In episode four of Sex/Life, we see Brad get a tattoo on the upper-right side of his crotch of two small bees, symbolic of his passionate relationship with Billie, in a flashback scene.

The nudity is very full on in Sex/Life (

Back to the present, Brad says he's always fostered love for Billie, and flashes his bee tattoo near his piece to prove it as they chat over webcam.

But if you look back to the shower scene, Brad's bee tattoo is nowhere to be seen - a major oversight.

The lack of tattoo made some fans consider whether any other special effects were used on the item of interest to exaggerate its true size.

However, Daily Mail Australia is pleased to report that actor Adam Demos really is that big.

Australian radio personality Em Rusciano spilled the tea on the issue on Instagram DM's, after several women from Adam's hometown of Wollongong, Australia messaged her to insist the peen is the real deal.

"Hey Em, I grew up in the same town as Adam Demos (a year below me at school) and I can guarantee you there were no special effects. He is a big boy!" one woman wrote.

"My family grew up in Dapto with Adam Demos," another said. "My sister asked his bestie if it was his penis and it is."

Well, all we'll say his girlfriend, Sarah Shahi, is a very lucky lady.

Sex/Life is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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