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Sex Education Fans Spot Familiar Face In New Drama Vigil

Sex Education Fans Spot Familiar Face In New Drama Vigil

The actor is a key character in Netflix's Sex Education.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

It may have only just dropped last night, but BBC One's Vigil has already caused quite a stir among viewers.

Along with a cheeky Martin Compston twist within the first 10 minutes of the show, viewers were also shocked to discover DCI Amy Silva actress Suranne Jones's REAL name.

But that's not all.

Viewers were also quick to notice a remarkable crossover with teen drama Sex Education, with one of the actors from the Netflix show making an appearance on board HMS Vigil.

Sex Education's Adam Groff, aka actor Connor Swindells, popped up on screens - and fans loved it.

Connor Swindells plays Lieutenant Simon Hadlow, alongside Suranne Jones's DCI Amy Silva (

In the BBC show, the actor plays Lieutenant Simon Hadlow, the last person to see Martin Compston's character, Chief Petty Officer Craig Burke, alive.

When DCI Silva questions Hadlow, he refuses to answer her questions, insisting that he does not have time for an interview, and placing him under suspicion as the possible culprit responsible for Burke's death.

It's a far cry from his role in Sex Education, where fans fell in love with Adam's journey from bully to the boyfriend of Eric Effiong (Ncutu Gatwa).

And with a third season of Sex Education coming next month, we'll be able to catch up with even more of Adam's exploits soon.

The actor shot to fame in Netflix's Sex Education (

In the season two finale, we saw a reformed Adam making a gesture of love towards Eric during the school play, in front of the entire audience.

Excited fans took to Twitter to make the connection between the two shows, with one writing: "Look who's turned up."

Another commented: "Was that the guy from sex education???"

"Gahh!!! Hadders is Adam from Sex Education," wrote another.

And a fourth wrote: "Adam Groff from Sex Education looking real suspicious."

Vigil continues tonight at 9pm and with five more episodes to go, we can't wait.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Netflix

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