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Sex And The City 3 Would Reportedly Have Killed Off Mr Big

Sex And The City 3 Would Reportedly Have Killed Off Mr Big

And this is one of the main reasons Kim Cattrall reportedly didn't want to be involved.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Most fans of Sex and the City are in agreement that the movies that followed the award winning series didn't do justice to what came before. In fact Sex and the City 2 spawned one of the greatest takedown reviews of all time.

And, while we now know that a third film is highly unlikely (mainly thanks to the Kim Cattrall/Sarah Jessica Parker saga that played out earlier this year) we have now been given a hint of what was in the script. Turns out the next film was going to take an unexpected turn which would have changed one of the shows most important love stories.

On the podcast Origins, host James Andrew Miller claimed that he had insider information suggesting that the script for the film had Carrie Bradshaw's husband die. That's right, charming and complicated Mr Big would be no more.

Apparently, the entire plot revolved around Big's untimely death and how Carrie would come to terms with losing the love of her life.

And the idea of a film that revolved around Carrie and her grief did not appeal to Kim, who decided she didn't want to sign up for another movie making it impossible to proceed.

The actress apparently feared the entire storyline would only focus on Carrie, and Samantha, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) would have been irrelevant, claimed James.

Kim Cattrall reportedly didn't like the script.
Warner Bros.

Speaking to Big (Chris Noth) on the podcast, James suggested: "People close to Kim believe the script for the movie didn't have a lot to offer the character of Samantha."

SATC fans would see Big die of a heart attack in the shower towards the start of the film, and the rest of the movie would be "more about how Carrie recovers from Big's death than about the relationship between the four women".

Kim and Sarah were embroiled in a very public feud earlier this year, although pinpointing where it all began is hard.

The actress behind Samantha ruled herself out of any more SATC engagements, and branded Sarah 'cruel'. It's not just her Kim didn't seemingly get on with either as she claimed she had a 'toxic relationship' with her co-stars.

The feud between Sarah and Kim hasn't been kept secret.
Warner Bros.

"I had many, many, many conversations with her manager where I was told, 'She'd love to hear from you'," Sarah said on the podcast.

"I e-mailed her, I tried to reach out to her and say like, 'We want you part of this. You're an integral part, of course you are. I hope when you read this script you'll see the beauty, the joy, the heartbreak in it that I see, that we have seen."

"But I can't force her to see it, but we did negotiate through the process and ultimately the studio said, 'We can't meet those asks of hers. We're not able to do it...the economics don't make sense for us.'

"So then it's over, but that's not a character assassination, that's just the way business works."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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