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Good Morning Britain: Guests Clash Over Whether Disney Films Promote Kissing Without Consent To Children

Good Morning Britain: Guests Clash Over Whether Disney Films Promote Kissing Without Consent To Children

Points were made in this tense debate.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Good Morning Britain hosted a fierce debate over whether some of our favourite Disney films are confusing children when it comes to consent.

The conversation came about as a result of Disneyland's grand reopening in California, after the theme park was forced to close during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Since reopening, the park had revamped many of its rides, including its Snow White Enchanted Wish ride - which concludes with Prince Charming kissing a slumbering Snow White.

However, dating historian Nichi Hodgson asserted on Good Morning Britain that she believed the famous kiss is problematic, as it promotes kissing without the consent of both parties.

Nichi believes the film sets a bad example when it comes to consent (

"Many parents don't know what their children are watching," she said. "And may not be paying attention.

"Disney has a moral duty. They can be an ethical business if they want to be. They make billions every year from their films. Children watch their films from a very young age, and they are some of the first stories they imbibe.

"The original story does not end with a kiss, Disney invented that kiss. They do have responsibility for changing the original plotline."

Elsewhere, relationship expert Emiliana Silvestri disagreed, saying that the two issues are being unfairly conflated.

"I watched all the Disney films as a child, so does my child, and neither of us are confused about consent," she said.

"I think [consent teaching] is the responsibility of the parent. It's an important conversation to be having, but it's not Disney we should be looking to that's the cause of this problem.

However, many disagreed that Disney had to take responsibility for it (

"Disney has evolved through criticism and they have changed the characters throughout the years. This is a very historical story and I don't think they should have to change history because of this consent debate, when the story never caused any issues."

The heated discussion also got viewers ablaze, taking to Twitter to slam the argument.

"Can honestly say I've watched Snow White and all the rest of the Disney movies and have never sexually harassed anyone," one woman wrote. "If you don't know not to touch people without consent then blame it on your parents, not a cartoon."

"The original story of Snow White was much darker and Disney made it more child-friendly," a second person said. "This is whole thing is ridiculous really."

Twitter was thoroughly displeased with the debate (

"Snow White has the kiss of life!" a third added. "That's far different to a gropey kiss!"

It should be noted that the original story of Snow White is far darker than its Disney counterpart.

Compiled alongside a number of other well-known fairy tales in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, the original story sees the Evil Queen eat what she believes to be Snow White's innards, the princess being only seven years old, and the Queen is forced to dance to her death as punishment for her wickedness.

What do you think? Should Disney clean up its act, or should they continue to show Snow White, and her now problematic kiss, in the way we all know and love?

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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