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Selling Tampa's Sharelle Says She Doesn't Regret Firing Alexis

Selling Tampa's Sharelle Says She Doesn't Regret Firing Alexis

The Allure Realty CEO is not mincing her words about the show's drama

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado has revealed she has no regrets firing agent Alexis Williams.

The Allure Realty CEO left viewers stunned when she let Williams go over her poor sales figures - and now Sharelle has admitted that Alexis "needed that tough love".

Alexis was fired from Allure Realty (

The Netflix star told Metro: "With Alexis, I don't have any regrets on letting her go, I feel like she needed that tough love to show I'm not playing.

"It's like if you keep on saying you're going to do it and don't do it.

"So I had to set an example in the brokerage to show that we're building and if you can't get with it and continue making excuses, I'm going to have to let you go," she added.

"I hope that she learns this is serious and if you want to be part of a growing company you're going to have to take it serious."

Eek! Sharelle is not mincing her words.

Selling Tampa dropped on Netflix earlier this month (

Last week, we revealed how Selling Tampa fans all seem to have the same complaint about the show - a serious lack of homes being sold.

One confused viewer took to Twitter to ask: "Is anyone gonna sell a house?"

Another tweeted: "At least in Selling Sunset they actually sell houses, Selling Tampa I haven't seen one house sold within the first 2 episodes?! [sic]"

One viewer, who was in one episode further added: "3 episodes in of #SellingTampa and I ain't seen one person sell a house yet [sic]."

Among the confusion, there were some fans who couldn't care less about the lack of houses sold on the show.

As far as one viewer was concerned, if the drama stayed piping hot, the houses could go unsold.

She commented: "Lemme tell you... I loved #SellingTampa. Colony was my fave. Now, did I see anyone actually SELL a house? No. But did they give me the drama and razzle dazzle I needed? Yes."

Selling Tampa available to stream now on Netflix

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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