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Fans Spot Ominous Sign Zara Was Cheating On Sam In Old Made In Chelsea Episode

Fans Spot Ominous Sign Zara Was Cheating On Sam In Old Made In Chelsea Episode

This breaks our hearts!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

In last night's episode of Made in Chelsea, viewers watched as Zara McDermott begged a heartbroken Sam Thompson for forgiveness, after it emerged she had cheated on him during her time on Celebrity X Factor.

Following the revelations, die hard MIC fans have recalled one particular episode of the reality show - which aired at Christmas last year and around the time of X Factor - in which Sam and Zara can be seen having crisis talks about their relationship, which was going through a rocky patch.

You can watch a clip of the episode below:

In the clip, Sam tells his co-stars as well as sister Louise Thompson, how Zara had "done a 180" since being on the talent show.

Confused about the rapid decline of their relationship, Sam explained he had even flown home from a holiday in Buenos Aires to surprise his girlfriend during her first live show, but that the 23-year-old had "sent him home".

The scene - which you can watch in full on E4's YouTube channel - first sees Sam talking to his co-star Harry Baron.

"Something's gone wrong in my relationship and I've had to fly home and salvage it. For the first half of Buenos Aires she was messaging me every night saying she misses me so much, please come home, staying in my bed while I'm not here.

Sam and Zara sat down to try and work out their relationship (
Made in Chelsea/E4)

"Then it just stopped, so I thought alright she's probably really busy. So I kind of panicked, and she had her first live show anyway, so I was like right I'll fly back and surprise her and be there for her.

"Didn't go down that well, I flew 14 hours across the world and she told me to go home. I was heartbroken. She was like 'I'm in the studio, working until 3am' so I'm like okay fair she's working hard [but] her band mates are in bed, one of her band mates is with his girlfriend in bed putting on face masks."

Sam went on to explain he sat down with Zara to find out what was going on, claiming she told him she "didn't like who she'd become" and that she'd "changed so much" since being with him.

Zara was in tears as the pair discussed their relationship (
Made in Chelsea/E4)

Explaining that he told Zara he thought she looked better "natural" and "without make-up and fake lashes", Sam said: "Maybe I've made her feel like she can't glam up?"

And in a later scene, explaining the issue further, Zara says: "I felt like the last six months I've done everything I can to be this perfect girl, I'm not gonna lie I loved the way I looked, I loved how much make up I wore, I loved my hair and then when I started seeing you... you shouldn't say things like 'I don't like what you're wearing, I don't like that make up'."

Heartbreakingly, taking the blame for their difficulties, Sam promises Zara he'll do his best "to be a better bloke" and the scene ends with Zara's Uber arriving to take her to rehearsals.

We hope these two work things out (
Zara McDermott/Instagram)

Commenting on the clip, one person said: "This makes perfect sense now."

Of course, although the scene was filmed around the time of Celebrity X Factor, there's been no confirmation that Zara had been unfaithful at this time, and Tyla has reached out to Zara's rep for comment.

Oh dear, we hope these two manage to work things out.

Featured Image Credit: Made in Chelsea/E4

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