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Ross Kemp Is Visibly Shaken During Overnight Prison Stay For 'Welcome To HMP Belmarsh'

Ross Kemp Is Visibly Shaken During Overnight Prison Stay For 'Welcome To HMP Belmarsh'

This is going to be a gripping watch.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Ross Kemp is returning to HMP Belmarsh tonight, and this time he's there for a sleepover.

The former EastEnders star turned documentary-maker has already been hailed for giving us the "TV moment of the year so far" when he accidentally inhaled spice during the first instalment of Welcome To HMP Belmarsh last week.

And tonight's episode promises to be just as harrowing as he visits the medical facility, sees a traumatised prisoner attempt to self-harm with a broken spoon, and even spends the night banged up behind bars.

In one clip from tonight's ITV documentary, Ross, 55, is locked up in a 10ft by 7ft cell, where prisoners spend up to 14 hours of their day.

Ross Kemp is locked up in a tiny cell (

As he arrives, he's given an overnight pack which contains shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper, a plate, cutlery and bedding. To the bald star's amusement, there's also a comb in the mix.

"Someone's being very funny," he mutters as he holds it up to the camera.

But Ross isn't laughing for much longer as night falls and he settles down to bed, admitting he's unable to sleep and can't stop thinking about the prisoners who have been in the room before him.

Appearing uncharacteristically nervous, Ross shakes his head, and says: "I know this is only for one night, but when that door closes... and I'm lucky, I have got a cell to myself - a three-man cell."

Ross Kemp admits he is very uncomfortable in the cell (

He adds: "That's a totally different ball game, because you're dealing with a pecking order and the politics of three men breathing in each other's... farts, breathing in each other's bad breath and breathing in each other's smells when they go to the toilet."

After complaining about the screaming and shouting he can hear outside his room, he adds: "I'm thinking about the different people who have been through this cell.

Ross admits he can't sleep in the jail (

"A lot of people have laid here contemplating what they did or didn't do. How they managed to find themselves here. How long they'd be spending here plotting revenge."

It's not just Ross's stay in the cell which is a powerful watch. So is his encounter with prisoner Aidan James.

Aidan is the only Briton charged with terror offences for fighting against ISIS in Syria - he headed there in the wake of the 2017 Manchester Arena attack - and staff at Belmash are tasked with keeping him away from radical Islamist prisoners holed up in the same building.

Ross sees some harrowing sights while in the jail (

Ross meets Aidan in the health unit, after he was found self-harming with some broken cutlery in segregation.

After composing himself and being treated by the staff, Aidan speaks to Ross about why he felt the need to ditch his life in the UK and head to Syria.

He also later has an interview with the prison's only transgender prisoner, Claire Darbyshire, who is jailed for murder.

This is sure to be a gripping watch.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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