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Psychological Thriller 'Drowning' Will Be Released This Week And It Looks So Chilling

Psychological Thriller 'Drowning' Will Be Released This Week And It Looks So Chilling

We'll be watching this one through our fingers...

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A new psychological thriller starring Laura Tremblay will be released this week - and it looks *seriously* gripping.

Drowning focuses on the story of Anna (played by Laura) who uses virtual reality to escape a cycle of abuse that began in childhood.

In the film, Anna doesn't feel able to break away from her demons in real life, so she creates a virtual reality in which she finds the strength to fight back against her abusers.

Having had an exceptionally troubled childhood, Anna has been abused for as long as she can remember. Now working as a prostitute, the exploitation, abuse and manipulation has become too much to bear.

Anna creates a virtual reality where she fights back against her abusers (
Indiecan Entertainment/Pasquale Marco Veltri)

In a bid to take control of her life, and to reconnect with her emotions - which she has suppressed for years - Anna creates a make believe world.

She ends up returning to her childhood home, where her ordeal began, in a bid to stand up to her abusers and the demons she has battled for so many years.

The trailer for Drowning looks pretty haunting, with Anna seen firing a gun several times at a shooting range as well as revisiting some of her abusers and the places where the abuse took place.

Pardeep Bassi also stars in the film as Priya, while Rachel Delduca plays Tanya.

The film will drop on Video On Demand (VOD) in North America tomorrow, on Tuesday 25th February.

The film launches on VOD on Tuesday 25th February (
Indiecan Entertainment/Pasquale Marco Veltri)

It's unknown when the movie will arrive in the UK, but we'll be sure to let you know.

If you are looking for a new film to get stuck into in the meantime, Daniel Radcliffe's new true-crime movie, Escape from Pretoria will hit UK cinemas in less than two weeks.

The film sees the Harry Potter actor star as Tim Jenkin, an apartheid activist serving time in a maximum security jail.

The movie is based on the true-story of Jenkin, who was branded a terrorist and imprisoned in South Africa in the late seventies. But just 18 months into his sentence and along with two other freedom fighters (played by Mark Leonard Winter and Daniel Webber) Jenkin makes his escape from jail.

It'll hit cinemas on Friday 6th March...

Featured Image Credit: Indiecan Entertainment/Pasquale Marco Veltri

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