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Peppa Pig Is 7ft1 And We Won't Sleep Tonight

Peppa Pig Is 7ft1 And We Won't Sleep Tonight

Thought she was normal pig height? Hell no.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We all knew Peppa Pig as the loveable cartoon piglet who spends her days jumping in muddy puddles and hanging out with her animal friends. Or at least we thought we knew Peppa Pig.

As of today, some terrifying truths have been unearthed about the friendly swine, and we don't think we'll be able to look at her the same again.

Did you know Peppa Pig is over seven foot tall?

YouTuber Memeulous made the terrifying discovery when she Google searched 'Peppa Pig' only to discover she her statuesque build of 7'1.


And there's us thinking Peppa was this cute, child-like thing, not an enormous threatening pig that towers over even the tallest of us.

And if you thought that was bad, a bit of clever maths showed that Peppa's family are to be feared even more: Her mum is 11'6 and her dad is 14'2 - that's the height of a double decker bus!

The only 'normal' sized pig is Peppa's little brother George, at a more reasonable height of 4'5.

Sharing the screenshot to Twitter, many were equally as alarmed about the revelation.

"Dear god," wrote one user.

"She will knock you clean out," mused another.

"Imagine a 7'1 peppa pig in a dark hallway chasing you at night isolated," unhelpfully shared another.

And of course there were some funny responses, too.

This isn't the first time we've discovered something less than savoury about Peppa Pig.

Last year, Japanese Twitter user KwonHanchi sketched her from the front to see what she would look like and the results were pretty disturbing.

The aspiring teenage animator shared an image of Peppa's 'left face', followed by a picture of her 'right face' and then an artistic visualisation of what you might see based on that if you were to look at her front on.

Just STOP.

So in summary, Peppa Pig is not a cute little piggy but in fact a lanky, four-eyed monster.

Yep, day ruined.

Featured Image Credit: Astley Baker Davies

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