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People Are Loving Netflix's New Cheesy Christmas Rom-Com Holidate Starring Emma Roberts

People Are Loving Netflix's New Cheesy Christmas Rom-Com Holidate Starring Emma Roberts

Imagine if you had a date set for each holiday in the year... Holidate is exactly that!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

It's 2020 and if there's one thing we can all agree on is that we could all do with a pick me up. After all the horror movies, Unsolved Mysteries and true crime dramas maybe we should add a cheesy romcom to lift our spirits into the mix?

It seems like the new Netflix film Holidate could do just that, based on the Twitter reactions from those that have already watched it (in some cases, several times).

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey are love interests... kinda (

What is it about? Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) hate the holidays. They're eternally single and are constantly being judged by their respective meddling families. When they meet in true rom-com fashion they decide to be each other's plus ones for each holiday celebration over the course of the year. Sounds like a cute deal, right?

Well as it turns out it seems like lots of people on Twitter may be in the market for a holidate. One Twitter user said: "go watch Holidate on Netflix & be a corny, hopeless romantic like I am."

Another Twitter user confessed: "I need me a Holidate... being single ain't it."

One user said the film was "the exact level of cheese I need in my life right now," and a user responded to this tweet with: "Watched it last night... felt the same. I need a HOLIDATE in my life." Similarly, another person confessed: "I need a holidate... a date just for holidays so my family can stop asking me why I'm still single."

Lots of Twitter users simply loved how lighthearted the film is. Perhaps in response to some of the more critical reactions, a Twitter user said: "Holidate was such a cute, lighthearted movie tho".

Echoing similar sentiments, another person added: "HOLIDATE IS SO GOOD HELP ME"

"The Holidate on Netflix was such a good movie it was funny, gave me all the good-feels, and it's not cringe!! If you watch it and think it's cringe, not my problem tho," said another.

Emma Roberts, the former Scream Queen and American Horror Story alum is expecting her first child, a son, with actor Garrett Hedlund. Emma recently shared with Glamour magazine why she is so excited to be having a boy.

"I've been trying to not buy a ton of stuff because I love shopping. All I can say is thank goodness I'm not having a girl because the clothing situation would be insane," Emma said.

Check out the trailer below:

A holidate doesn't sound like such a bad idea, huh?!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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