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This New TV Series Looks Set To Become The Next Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents

This New TV Series Looks Set To Become The Next Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents

Once Upon A Time In Zante will follow teens as they head on their first holiday post-lockdown.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Yes, we've all had it tough since practically the whole world went into lockdown in March last year, but spare a thought for teenagers.

The long-term ban on nightclubs, parties and holidays abroad have denied many young people the chance to indulge in typical rite of passage as they bid their school days goodbye - the messy first holiday abroad with their pals.

Now lockdown restrictions have started to ease, a new TV show is set to follow groups of youngsters who are looking to let loose abroad after 18 months banged up at home - and it looks as if it could be as addictive as BBC Three classic, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents.

Zante is known for big club nights (

The six-part documentary series, titled Once Upon A Time In Zante, will show groups of young holidaymakers letting loose on the famous party island, renowned for its hotels, nightclubs and bars as well as its stunning scenery.

The show will also speak to Zante locals who have struggled to keep their businesses alive without the tourist trade - which contributed €38.1 billion (a staggering £32.5 billion) in 2019 alone.

Sun Sex And Suspicious Parents was elite viewing (

Speaking about Once Upon A Time In Zante to The Sun newspaper, commissioning editor Anna Miralis explained: "Having missed out on so much over the past year or so it will be great to see how their attitudes towards this rite-of-passage holiday might have changed.

"Or will they simply be out in the Med desperate for sun, sea and normality?"

Many teens have never had the opportunity to go out clubbing (

The programme doesn't look set to have been picked up by a channel just yet, but with the popularity of shows similar to this such as the previously mentioned Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents and ITV2's The Ibiza Weekender, there's bound to be an appetite to see some naughty antics abroad.

And we can't wait to tune in to see what they get up to...

You can apply for the new series here.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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