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New 'Killing Eve' Pictures Show Villanelle Back In Action For Season 3

New 'Killing Eve' Pictures Show Villanelle Back In Action For Season 3

Villanelle looks as savage as ever.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

The finale of Killing Eve Season 2 left us with all the questions.

Is Eve (Sandra Oh) really dead? What happened to Hugo? Is it possible for Villanelle's wardrobe to get any fiercer?

Well, thanks to brand new behind-the-scenes images shot during filming for the upcoming series, we may have answers to some of those questions.

Shot at London's Liverpool Street, the images appear to show that MI5 op Eve is indeed alive and well - if a little anxious-looking - sitting on a bench at the station.

Who can blame her? We'd look anxious too if we had no idea where Villanelle was lurking.

So, Eve doesn't appear to be dead then. Given that she's the heart of the show, this is seriously good news in our book.

Eve (Sandra Oh) appears to be alive and well, if a little tense-looking (
Goff Photos)

Meanwhile, Jodie Comer looks as savage as ever, wearing green high waisted trousers, a faux fur-trimmed cropped jacket and Villanelle's signature zero-f*cks-given expression.

Has she just bumped someone off?

Either way, we didn't think that Molly Goddard pink tulle dress and biker boots combo could be rivalled, but this comes close.

Season 3 is expected to return to the BBC One this summer, so there's a while to wait before our questions are answered.

We didn't think the Molly Goddard pink tulle dress could be rivalled but this look comes close (
Goff Photos)

It's anticipated that once the first episode has aired, the whole series will then be uploaded to iPlayer for fans to dutifully binge-watch.

There are changes in the writing room this season, with Suzanne Heathcote (Fear the Walking Dead) taking up the baton from Emerald Fennell as lead writer and executive producer.

Season 2 ended with a literal bang, with Villanelle shooting Eve during a seriously tense scene in Rome. Last seen walking away from Eve's body, it wasn't clear where the assassin was headed.

With Eve potentially dead (please no!) - and believing Konstantin has betrayed her - Villanelle has no one on her team.

And what about Hugo, left bleeding to death in a hotel corridor by Eve as she ran off to hunt down Villanelle yet again? Did he survive?

Whether there's any hope for the Polastris' marriage is another thread we can expect to see continued in Season 3.

And of course, there are still all sorts of mysteries to solve about the enigma that is MI-6 boss Carolyn Martens.

One thing's for sure, these behind-the-scene snaps have made our levels of anticipation to peak.

Killing Eve Season 3 is expected to come to BBC One and iPlayer in summer 2020.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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