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Fans Have Noticed A *Very* Interesting Pattern On 'Love Island'

Fans Have Noticed A *Very* Interesting Pattern On 'Love Island'

Its a CURSE!

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

ICYMI, Love Island's resident posh boy Ollie Williams sent shockwaves through the villa when he decided to walk from the ITV2 reality show this week.

In the dramatic departure, which is set to air on the TV show tonight, the land owner declared he was still in love with his ex, and had to be honest with himself and walk away from the villa.

But in the wake of the news, fans are flocking to social media to joke that his fate was sealed long before he made the shock announcement.

Wracking their brains and looking back at several long forgotten stars from previous series, they came up with a very intriguing theory: the blue-eyed blonde boy is doomed from day one.

Ollie Williams left the show after three days (

And there's some pretty compelling evidence, tbh.

Remember Harley Judge? And George Rains? And Charlie Frederick? Or maybe you don't...

They're all former islanders that didn't last long on their quests for love, and contestants can't help but notice they look a *little* like the most recent villa dropout.

Sharing a picture of all four men side-by-side (and looking more than a little similar), one fan wrote: "I swear these men have an expiration date. I give this man two weeks TOPS #LoveIsland".

Another added: "Ollie will absolutely fall victim to the blonde hair/blue eyes curse of being kicked out on week one #LoveIsland".

Let's assess the theory, shall we?

Harley Judge, Series 3

Harley Judge was kicked out of Love Island first in 2017 (

Harley Judge was the first islander to be kicked out of the ITV show in 2017 after failing to find a love match.

Arriving as a villa OG on day one, he briefly coupled up with Amber Davies. But she ditched him in the recoupling ceremony just six days in, sending him packing before the flirting had even truly begun.

Despite Harley's very brief stint in the Mallorca love shack, he still appeared to be lapping up the limelight when he left, posting on Instagram with the hashtag #stayhumble" during his first public appearance.

Fans completely rinsed him for it, naturally. But hey, we'll never forget him after that.

Charlie Frederick, Series 4

Charlie Frederick only lasted six days in 2018 (

Charlie Frederick appeared on 2018's series of Love Island, and is best remembered for his failed relationship with Hayley Hughes.

He entered the villa as a bombshell on Day Seven and picked model Hayley, in the hope they could find a spark. Unfortunately for him, not only was there no hope of romance, but instead they actively irritated each other - and he ended up being sent home just six days later, on Day 13.

Model Charlie may not have been in the villa a long time, but we were all reminded of him last year when his ex Arabella Chi appeared on the show.

He alleged they were still dating when she made her debut, but Arabella has since blasted the claims, branding him an "idiot".

George Rains, Series 5

George Rains spent a brief ten days in the villa last year (

Ah George Rains: best known for having a riveting discussion with Lucy Donlan about crisps (we kid you not).

George too was only treated to a short Love Island vacation when he joined the Casa Amor villa in last year's summer series (2019) on Day 26.

He was offered a ticket back to the main house with with Lucy, but their romance was short-lived, and he was sent home just ten days later, causing fan favourite Ovie Soko to famously break down in tears.

Since Love Island, George remained in the headlines thanks to his brief relationship with popular islander Yewande Biala.

But as for his journey on the show? Let's just say, it's unlikely to go down in the history books.

Ollie Williams, Series 6

Ollie Williams' departure was announced on Day Three (

The curse appears to have hit Ollie Williams the hardest out of the lot, as he lasted until just Day Three in the Love Island villa.

Unlike the others, Ollie made the decision to leave himself, citing the fact he still wasn't over his ex girlfriend.

But it's safe to say things weren't going too well for the muscly blond before he made his exit, either.

He'd just been pied by Lewis Capaldi's ex girlfriend Paige Turley, and - unbeknownst to him - was also the subject of a barrage of criticism back at home thanks to some pictures that had leaked of him hunting animals in Africa.

Paige seemed at the end of her tether with Ollie (

Really, Ollie's future on the show wasn't looking too promising, anyway.

We think you'll agree that all this certainly seems like a *little* more than a coincidence. We'll be keeping our eyes out for any more islanders who fall victim.

Featured Image Credit: ITV2

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