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Creepy Netflix Thriller 'White Lines' Is Your Next Binge-Worthy Series

Creepy Netflix Thriller 'White Lines' Is Your Next Binge-Worthy Series

The drama stars Laura Haddock, who jets to Ibiza to uncover the truth behind her brother's mysterious disappearance 20 years ago.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Looking for your next binge-worthy series filled with twists and turns? If so, we think you're going to love drama White Lines.

The Netflix mystery, written by La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) creator Álex Pina, stars Laura Haddock, who jets to Ibiza to uncover the truth behind her brother's mysterious disappearance 20 years ago after his body is discovered on the White Isle.

Her investigation leads her through a thrilling world of dance clubs, lies and cover-ups, forcing her to confront the darker sides of her own character in a place where people live life on the edge.

Laura Haddock stars in the new thrilling series.

The official synopsis reads: "When her brother is discovered dead, a Manchester woman leaves her quiet life to travel to Ibiza, where she seeks the truth about his disappearance."

Yup, we're hooked.

The thrilling show also stars Victoria star Laurence Fox, Shazam's Marta Milans, British actress Angela Griffin and Line of Duty's Daniel Mays - although little is known about their characters.

The 10-episode series is currently filming in the Balearic Islands, including Majorca and Ibiza, until October so we'll have a while to wait until it hits our screens.

'Line of Duty's' Daniel Mays will also appear in the series.

Although there's no confirmed release date, the drama is expected to land on the streaming service in 2020.

But if you can't wait until then perhaps Australian paranormal drama Glitch would be more your stick? The series has returned for its third and final season - so if you haven't watched it already now is the time.

The Netflix show, which first premiered in 2015, is set in the fictional town of Yoorana, Victoria, and follows a group of people who return from the dead in peak physical health but with no memory at all and a sensitivity to sunlight.

Series one, sees Senior Constable James Hayes (played by Patrick Brammall) responding to a call regarding a disturbance at the town's cemetery. When he arrives, he finds seven dead people, soil-covered having climbed from their graves.

The third series of paranormal drama 'Glitch' has arrived on the streaming service.

One includes a man who has been dead for nearly 100 years (Sean Keenan), and one, Constable James' own wife Kate (Emma Booth) who died two years earlier. The series follows the town's search for answers.

The second installment, which premiered in 2017, follows James and the group of dead people - named the Risen - as they try to unravel the mystery of why and how they've returned. However, their journey is made that bit harder by a lethal threat to civilisation.

The third series, which hit Netflix this month, sees the Risen continue with their search for the truth beyond their small city of Yoorana.

"Basic physics, the rules of the universe are big undone, the entire universe will be torn apart," ominously warns the trailer, along with "Everything that lives must die."

We're sold!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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