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People Are Loving This Netflix Crime Mystery From The Makers Of ‘The Stranger’

People Are Loving This Netflix Crime Mystery From The Makers Of ‘The Stranger’

Got a 'The Stranger' shaped hole in your life? You need to watch 'Safe'...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

If you've just finished The Stranger and you're looking for another gripping series to binge, then you'll want to take a look at Safe.

Created by the same writer, Harlan Coben, the eight part Netflix series landed on the streaming platform back in 2018 - but it could be the perfect hit to fill the mystery drama shaped hole in your life.

The series follows widowed dad Tom (Dexter's Michael C Hall) as he attempts to look after his two daughters in the aftermath of his mother's death.

Desperate dad Tom sets on a mission to find his missing daughter (

On the outside, Tom's life looks perfect: he's living in a beautiful gated community, has close friends on every corner and a new relationship starting.

But everything takes a dark turn after one of his children goes missing after a house party, and he realises that he actually knows nothing about the people closest to him.

Michael C Hall isn't the only big name to star, as Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr Selfridge) plays police officer Sophie Mason who is also working to bring Tom's daughter home safely.

The mystery show is full of twists and turns (

Taking to social media to gush about the binge-worthy series, one fan wrote: "If anyone wants a decent show to watch, I'd recommend #Safe on Netflix. Fantastic British crime drama."

While another added: "I'm already worried about what we are going to do when we finish #safe. Like, will my marriage survive? #netflix #harlancoben".

Tom's daughter goes missing after a house party (

A third chipped in: Wow. Thoroughly enjoyed @NetflixUK #safe. Anyone need another 8 part series to binge, I suggest you enjoy another masterpiece from @HarlanCoben".

Meanwhile, recently, Netflix even suggested the smash hit to those who had just finished The Stranger, writing: "Reminder for anyone who loved The Stranger: the team behind it also made Safe, an 8 ep rollercoaster starring Michael C Hall and Amanda Abbington. Another @HarlanCoben adaptation, on Netflix ~right now~".

Similar to Safe, The Stranger centres on the life of dad Adam Price (Richard Armitage) as he sets out on a mission for the truth.

He thinks he's got a happy family, until an unknown stranger reveals that his wife may have been keeping a dark secret from him.

The series landed on Netflix on 30th January, but naturally, it took fans mere days to watch the whole thing.

The Stranger was a hit with Netflix users (

Viewers were particularly gripped by the constant stream of twists and turns, with one writing: "The plot twists had me shook at the end of every episode".

Anyone else going to binge-watch Safe as soon as they get in tonight?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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